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A conpiracy to kill roli in sasural simar ka ....

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A conpiracy to kill roli in sasural simar ka ....

Post by riyya6 on 2013-03-12, 13:46

In Rashmi Sharma's daily soap Sasural Simar Ka
on Colors, we will see
that Roli is tense about the person with an unknown identity who is attempting
to kill her. Her worry is about the reason why someone would want to kill her.

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In the upcoming episode of the show we will see that a
shadow follows Roli in the house. When she tries to look behind and see, the
shadow disappears. She initially thinks that it would be an illusion but later a
person comes behind her and tries to kill her.

Petrified, Roli shouts
and tells the entire family about it. Immediately people from the house try to
catch him, but fail in their attempt to do so.

Later we will also see
that Roli gets a blank call where she can only hear the breathing sounds from
the other end. She panics and is eager to know who is trying to follow her

Credit : TB

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Re: A conpiracy to kill roli in sasural simar ka ....

Post by anurao66 on 2013-03-14, 10:25


Thanks for the information.

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