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Qubool Hai--Written Update--10th October 2013

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Qubool Hai--Written Update--10th October 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-10, 22:01

Qubool Hai--Written Update--10th October 2013

Badi B tells not to worry much as it will affect her health,Shirin comes there when they hear a loud cry. All run and find Humeira in pain because of the allergy due to make up. Razia accuses Zoya as she wants to hurt Humeira always, Zoya is about to leave when Ayan comes there and takes Zoya's side and says that Zoya can never hurt anyone. Humeira looks on in surprise and covers her face.

Farhan asks some man to get everyone ready and sits in a car and it starts. Haseena is ready, snubs Najma on something and are about to leave when Imran comes and says that the car is not outside. Everyone wonders about Farhan, Farhan is in a car where someone gives him injection and he passes out. Asad calls Najma and she tells him about Farhan's disappearance. Asad wonders if Tanu has done something to Farhan.

Zoya is crying when Tanu calls her and tells her that Nikhat is not going to get married today and she will not let Asad marry Zoya.

Haseena is howling at the marriage venue as Farhan is not to be seen anywhere, everyone is worried. Zoya overhears this and is shocked. Nikhat also comes there and Haseena hurls insults at her, Rashid scolds Haseena for her behaviour, Zoya recalls Tanu's wordsand decides to tell Ayan about it. Haseena grabs Zoya and starts accusing her too, she gets hysterical when Asad comes with Farhan and says that her son has come.

Haseena gets angry at farhan for his behaviour, Imran too asks him the same, Farhan looks at Asad and tells that his car broke down and Asad helped him. Ayan says its a big ehsaan on his family, Asad tells he did it for Nikhat.

Farhan thanks Asad and is wondering what all happened and why, Asad asks him not to disclose it to anyone. Zoya comes to Asad and asks if he is fine, he says yes and he knows it. He turns to leave when Rashid calls him and says that its his sister's wedding today and she will be very happy if he stays back. haseena too pitches in and asks Zoya to tell Asad to attend wedding.

Precap--romantic moments of Ayan-Humeira, Zoya packing her bag, Ayan is wounded and tells Zoya to go out of the room and he will get the bag.

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