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Jodha Akbar 83: ?????????

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Jodha Akbar 83: ?????????

Post by sashashyam on 2013-10-11, 17:06

No, I have not switched to some esoteric language based on punctuation marks. The title is because after  watching this episode, all  I had in my head was questions and more questions, about where Jodha Akbar is going and how. Some were more disturbing than the  others.
Let me cite just one as an opener. I don't  know about you, but I signed on for a Pride and Prejudice grafted on to Gone with the Wind, not for a soapy concoction with a leading lady straight out of the Ekta Kapoor stable, a she-who-can-do-no-wrong with a 24 carat gold halo who, moreover, knows  that.
If this is to be so, it follows, as surely as the night follows the day, that the leading man will have to be distorted and painted some sort of grey, so that the aforesaid pristine leading lady can, firstly, shine by contrast and secondly, get all the credit for reforming' him by cutting him and fitting him into her own Procrustean bed.  
This was there in Jodha Akbar right from the opening haivaan se insaan leit motif, but then  it  was toned down,and as Jalal became more credible and complex and thus fascinating, I had hoped that it was (pun intended) history.
A revenge track? Good grief!!: Now it  seems to be resurfacing in unexpected ways. We are apparently being told, by inside sources', that Jalal is really proceeding on a revenge track, and will work to make Jodha fall in love with him and then rebuff her and make a fool of her, to get back at her for hating him,  and also for the narnaal disaster.  Only to realise the error of his ways when she is broken-hearted,  and then work to regain Jodha's trust and,eventually, her love.
This idea is sought to be buttressed by inferences drawn from yesterday's precap, and the Jalal-Ruqaiya conversation earlier in the episode, when he says twice: Itni badi gustakhi, aur itni choti sazaa!
First of all, this would be a most unwelcome prospect,  for it sounds like the worst of Mills and Boon. Morever, once she is fooled like this, how on  earth can Jodha ever trust Jalal the second time around? It is  in fact exactly like the story of the old Amitabh Bachchan-Raakhee  starrer Jurmana (1979), That was quite nice, but it would hardly do for Jodha Akbar!

I do not buy this theory  at all, and I do not need any complicated reasoning for reaching this conclusion.

Let us take such facts as we have, beginning with Jalal's reaction post the mauling by Mohan. He does not make the slightest reproach to Jodha, and this when he thinks he is dying.

Then there is what he tells Mahaam earlier about his feeling that he is ek kashti mein sawaar with Jodha. That was a deeply emotional, straight from the heart statement, which would not at all jell with any such subsequent petty revenge idea

No, folks, this petty revenge  track does not  at all fit Jalal as we know him. He is no devious Lothario,  but an emperor to the purple born, and he has always been direct and bull-headed. He has never used any woman.

Besides,  I would not trust the alleged  source at all. Some time back, I saw a thread here which said, based on this same  'inside info', that Adham Khan would have Jalal's party attacked on the way back to Agra, that the attack would be foiled, Jalal and Jodha would be separated from the main convoy, and in the process of finding their way back, would come closer. No need to comment on that!

In short, the revenge track is as unconvincing as it is unappealing. I devoutly hope it is merely one of those  spoilers' that die a natural death.
The pre-cap:Coming to the precap, which is very convincing in terms of Jalal's body language, especially the initial hesitation, and then the way he barely lifts his eyes to Ruqaiya's ,  it looks like a googly by the CVs. Perhaps  Mahaam's nightmare, for Ruqaiya, secure in her cast iron conviction that Jalal has no dil,  would never dream of something like this. I say this might be a googly because, if it was true, it would be decidedly premature.
But if it is true, then obviously it is genuine, and  Jalal  tells Ruqaiya because he has no one else to confide in who will not blurt it out to Jodha, which he would not want at all, as it would hurt his pride. He tells her because she is his best friend, and she has always pitched their relationship outside the framework of love, so he would assume that she would not mind so long she still had a hold on his dimaag. He could not be more wrong, but then when has an alpha male ever understood women?
If the precap is true, the consequences will then be dismal, at least  for me.  Jalal would then end up as  a man in love chasing a woman who  is either unresponsive, or who responds very slowly and reluctantly. If it is the former, he  will look weak in his lovelorn state, continuously conciliatory and obliging, without getting anything in return. Hardly suitable for the shaan of a Shahenshah. Even  one in  love without  knowing how he got there.
If it is the latter, it will again be the standard issue Romance (capital intentional), and such  response as materializes on her side could be due as much to gratitude as to  her independent feelings for him. He will face the classic dilemma of every very rich and powerful man, who can never be sure that the woman he loves cares for him for himself,  or for his power and his wealth.
Just as now, even if he remembers most of what Jodha did after the  tiger attack to try and save his life (after first endangering it), he cannot be sure if it was because  she felt guilty or because she cared for him and could not bear the idea of losing him.
For us, gone would be any hope of intelligent  sparring between them, as between two fiercely competitive individuals, but now devoid of the harsh edges that marred their interactions till the Ajmer pilgrimage.  Any hope of seeing mutual caring and affection develop,  slowly but surely.
Of an  edgy friendship morphing, insensibly, into love, with all its yearnings, its restlessness in the absence of the loved one, the misunderstandings, the jealousies, the protectiveness and the possessiveness, and beneath it all, the undercurrent of a hidden sensuality.
Of a Jodha whose pride in her magnificent husband would make her say, as Cleopatra once said to Julius Caesar : "But for you, the world is full of little men".
To want all that and then end up with what  seems to be in the works would be like wanting a delicate sohan papdi or a millefeuille, and getting a soggy sohan halwa dripping with ghee. That is why I wrote, and please bear with me as I repeat it for the last time:
 It would do her(Jodha)  a lot of good to fall helplessly in love, and have to try and win over the object of her affections. I hope this happens, in the sense that she discovers she is in love with Jalal  before he discovers that he is in love with her. It is not impossible, for he will, for quite a while,  interpret his soft corner for her as due to  the kinship of ek hi kashti mein sawaar hone ki. Let us see!
If the precap is true, all this is gone with the  wind, and with it, any hope for a fresh,  unusual Jodha-Jalal romantic track.
The Questions:
1)      Why is Jodha never shown as feeling any deep sense of guilt for having nearly  killed Jalal?  As Ela has noted, if she had done anything similar, she would not be able to face herself, not to speak of Jalal or his family.  Jodha, on the contrary,  has bounced back like indiarubber, and   shows no  traces of any trauma or self-condemnation as she is busy playing  the saas ki dulari with Hamida yesternight.
In fact, not only does Jodha never bewail her self-rightous do-gooding idiocy, even to herself, (barring a halfhearted confession to Rahim that she would not have done it had she known the tiger would come) but she now claims, with no sense of irony, that it was the prayers at Ajmer that had saved the Shahenshah's life. Not a  trace of the bitter regret one would expect for having  brought Jalal  to death's door, either then,  or last night, as alms are being distributed to the poor.
Even as she was singing that anachronistic bhajan when Jalal was thought to be dying, there was no real desperate anxiety or panicky fear on Jodha's face. Ruqaiya, with all her plastic looks, seemed  far more agonized.  
Now that he is convalescing,  Jodha is not shown making the slightest attempt to indirectly find out how  he is, even if she feels awkward trying to go and see him herself. When she sends the fruit, the air with which it is done, it might, for all the eagerness or warmth she displays, have  as well been for the  woodcutter(see below!).
2)     Why does Hamida praise Jodha  to the skies for having' saved Jalal's life',  while dismissing her responsibility for his having nearly died with just one anodyne word,  naadani' ? No saas anywhere in any age would react like this. So obsessed is she  with this paragon of a bahu that even as her son  is declared to be dying, all she can think of is how to save Jodha.
Now that Jalal is convalescing, it is Ruqaiya and Mahaam Anga who are with him; Hamida is busy  assuring her bahu that she is a piece of perfection. As if Jodha's  having saved Jalal  from death with her lep was enough to whitewash her role in putting him there in the first place!
In fact, so lattoo is Hamida about her bahu that she neither notices nor, if she does,  seems to mind the fact that Jodha does not say she prayed for the life of her husband to be spared, only that of the man who faced the tiger to save her life. The natural inference from this is that she would have prayed as hard for a  passing woodcutter if he had taken on the tiger to save her!  This is very curious,  given  Jodha's presumed lifelong training in attaching paramount importance to preserving her suhaag.
To revert, Hamida does not even think of sending Jalal  some special delicacy to tempt his palate, which  even the normally heedless Ruqaiya is shown doing. But then it is of a piece, for his Ammijaan was never there for him when he needed support, when his Khan Baba was murdered, or when he lost his unborn child. No wonder Jalal is not close to his mother.
3)     A whole bunch of dubious looking Rajvanshi rajas was shown rejoicing at the prospect of Jalal's imminent demise. If they had already found out about it elsewhere in Rajputana, why does  Bharmal in Amer know nothing about it?
4)     Even granted that Bharmal knew  nothing of Jalal having nearly died a few days before, why does he not now display more than prefunctory interest in what happened to his javaisa  and how? He has eyes, and he can surely see how badly Jalal has been injured.  Any normal father in law would have been  frantic with  worry and would have bombarded Mahaam with questions, even if he did not want to tire out the visibly exhausted and worn out Jalal.
Instead, all he can talk about is Sukanya's marriage. Even while inviting Jalal to come to Amer with Jodha for the wedding, he does not voice any concern about whether Jalal would be able to travel so far given his present condition. Nor does  it even occur to him to wish his javaisa  a speedy  recovery and say that they would all pray for it. All in all,  a ridiculous and  totally self-centred display by Jodha's Babasa.   
Incidentally, where is Mansingh? Has he joined Abdul in going AWOL?
Stars of the day:
1)      Jalal: The complex and compelling Jalal is  the only consistently interesting character in Jodha Akbar, beside Mahaam, despite all her hamming. Yesterday, Jalal is still sorting out how he feels towards Jodha Begum, and he probably does not want to meet her till he has that clear in his head.
I liked the way Rajat brought out the extreme weariness due to the blood loss,with  the extra huskiness in the already deep voice, the impression that he has to use up scarce energy to articulate every word.
That he does not react at all to Bharmal's invitation to Sukanya's wedding is not only due to his evident exhaustion. He face is smooth and unreadable beneath the wounds, for he does not know himself what he wants to do, not as yet. And he is not going to show his hand till he does know.
Does the precap show, perhaps, that he does know, at long last?  The way which that line is  delivered is superb: first, the reluctance to turn around and face Ruqaiya. Then, the hesitation, eyes lowered, and then slowly raising them, clouded  with uncertainty and doubt,  to hers as if by sheer force of will.  Hum Jodha Begum se mohabbat karte hain.
2)     Mahaam Anga: She  was magisterial yesterday. Her eyes straining, like those of a prophet,  to  see the future she fears and  resents,  but knows she cannot prevent. Her lucid pessimism about Ruqaiya's inability,  even had she not been so purblind and foolish, to halt and reverse the oncoming rush of what Mahaam sees  developing between Jalal and Jodha.  Her candid acceptance of what now seems to her a real possibility, that Jodha will bear the heir to the Mughal sultanate and become the  Mariam-uz-Zamani.
Mahaam Anga, the intrigante sans pareille, a matchless tactician and coldblooded strategist of the likes of Catherine de Medicis  or Lucrezia Borgia, is so fascinating precisely because she does not let what  she wants cloud her assessment of what is likely to happen despite her best efforts. But that will not prevent her from trying, to her last breath, to prevent it from happening. Truly a terrible woman, but with elements of greatness, even  if twisted and corrupted,  in her that cannot be denied.  
Shyamala B.Cowsik

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Re: Jodha Akbar 83: ?????????

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-11, 17:39

Hello Aunty :)  I thought u wont be writing to day and am pleased to read this before I wrap up my work @ office. Thanku so much for the awesome post 

I share ur feelings and dread that JA doesnt go the typical Indian Tv serial love story. Ekta, pls prove us wrong, just one time :) 

I do not agree with the revenge track nor the name given thus given to that track. For me, both Jo-Ja are miles away from the word LOVE, after suicide track, Jalal is learning how Jodha behaves and whats in that head of hers WHILE after Ajmer track, Jodha is learning that she gort married to jalal and not jallad.

Having said so, they are still human and wont have a on/off button to their emotions and feelings. Jalal will have a constant conflict now between his head and heart and hence will act sober/softer in one episode (when his heart will rule) and harsh/manipulative (when his head will rule--he is after all a male and a king added to that, he is not going to let go a begum free so soon who has hurt him with her actions n words.

Similar is the case with Jodha.

This cannot be termed as revenge track, yes its defo RETURN of  dil vs dimaag track which got sidelined due to MC fiasco.

Precap: I am sure its either MA's dream or jalal's joke or a part of his sentence which misled all of us for 24 hours.

We are still to see how Jodha will nurse his wounds, guess today it will all be setting  of this chapter/ promo coming into play. The kashamkash has to start even before they set their foot on Amer.

As for Jodha not blaming herself and going to jalal's side, I guess...that will happen once she is nursing him...

my wish---he is sleeping(but is wide awake) and Jodha cries at seeing his state and says that she was so wrong etc etc... but when he open his eyes and asks if she was saying sth or has to say sth, she will deny and will not meet his eyes.

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Re: Jodha Akbar 83: ?????????

Post by Tanthya on 2013-10-11, 17:52

Jalal did want to teach Jodha A lesson, his thirst for breaking her gurror remained strong.. but does that craving still remain , Does he stilll think so.. Did he not realize that  Jodha was a creature at bay, abandoned by everyone in her hour of need, broken down  when she went to end her life.. If revenge was playing on his mind, he would  not have yelled at her by the banks , supposedly yelling out his feelings  and confessing to kindredship with her to Maham..

Nor has Jalal sketched in such a way as to  attack from behind , his thrusts are direct and from the front .. even the wedding which Jodha's parents tried to hide was  forcibly made to come to her attention prior to the wedding.

If revenge was his intention, why give Jodha the option of freedom  or wifedom and allow HER the choice ...

No, the so called 'revenge' called track  does not make sense but Jalal maturing makes sense, he is growing up leaving behind an infantile Ruqaiyya ..

as for the confession scene, I normally do not comment on precap as most often it is hook for the audience ... but  it looked surreal..His confession of love or no love does not matter as long as he does not trust Jodha and there is a trust deficit ..which can be exploited , A love without  trust is akin to  rice paper , wafer thin and dissolves easily .. if Jalal says that he loves Jodha Now, then rest assured that it will be one where he does not trust his love and at the first sign will crumble ..leading to further growth and  setting him on the road to discover   love .

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Re: Jodha Akbar 83: ?????????

Post by ShaliniRobinson on 2013-10-11, 23:15

I agree! Revenge doesn't seem logical at this point.
Jalal, it seems, is moving on from his initial focus regarding Jodha. He was not unconscious in the jungle when Jodha was trying everything possible to get him to safety. He saw her attempt to ride him to the palace.
Regarding his relationship with Ruqaiya --- she has been a friend, but as Maaham puts it right, never his wife. He has been in a habit of confiding in her. But he also knows her very well. It is not just Ruqaiya who knows Jalal's mind - the other way round is true too.
He knows Ruqaiya would not be able to take easily the fact that he feels a kinship with Jodha. He has not shared this with her, but with Maaham instead. He knows Ruqaiya feels a 'haq' on him - which, tonight he has denied her, in favor of his feelings for Jodha.
I felt - I may be wrong - that his confession was not untrue. He seems to be aware of his growing love for Jodha. He is aware that it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to refuse Jodha. He is aware that he thinks of her more often and she stays on his mind more than any of his other Begums.
He has wanted, for quite some time, that things would be at peace between them and has taken efforts for it. He has wanted Jodha to be in his company. He is aware of what is important for her and allows her. All this - despite Jodha's repetitions of her hatred for him.
As always though, he has a cover up for his feelings. The political cover. A cover that works for Ruqaiya - but not for Maaham.
Jalal is looking forward to his Amer visit. Yes, it makes him politically stronger. But he has other reasons.
The fact that he spoke of ruling over the heart of Amer's people - Jodha's people. Jalal is aware that the way to Jodha's heart probably leads from Amer. She has accused him of dishonoring and hurting Amer. He is setting about to fix that.
As an Emperor, he doesn't need to. As Ruqaiya says - who can question his decisions. Jalal knows that if he never fixes it, Jodha will still be his Begum and Amer will still remain faithful to him. Yet, he is taking efforts that he doesn't need to.
All for Jodha. 
Jodha is brilliantly unaware. She is so blinded by her brilliance of her own mind and viewpoints - that Jalal is not really visible to her.
She saw a part of it on the Ajmer trip, and had announced that Jalal had a heart, indeed. Yet, she still finds it hard to believe that Jalal would do something for her. Even though Jalal has done so several times now.
She should see it - He's up and walking about - he is sitting in his court. Yet, there has been no punishment for Jodha - not in public, and not in private.
The whole world sees it. Now… probably even Jodha’s father sees it. Jodha remains unmoved.

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Re: Jodha Akbar 83: ?????????

Post by Hades on 2013-10-12, 16:05

exquisitely crafted prose ! looking forward to read more from you.


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Re: Jodha Akbar 83: ?????????

Post by kaycm on 2013-10-12, 20:39

Your comments are well written Shalini . My hindi is almost non exisitent - for that reason I really do not look at soaps on ZeeTv ! My mom and aunties don't miss it though - so imagine my big surprise when I found myself looking at the series Jodha Akbar - and then actually taking time to look up and read the written updates .:sunny:  Thanks for taking the time to do the comments .run


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Re: Jodha Akbar 83: ?????????

Post by sonia1 on 2013-10-12, 20:53

Nice one Shalini Thumbsup

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Re: Jodha Akbar 83: ?????????

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