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Iss confusion ka kya naam doon

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Iss confusion ka kya naam doon

Post by Teju on 2013-10-12, 02:11

Baap re Baap! I feel very confused about every character except Aasthas parents and Granny!!

Why did Aastha have to cry when he said what u wanted to say in words is been done in Actions?

Is Aasthas love towards Shlok infatuation?

Why does he have to carry her and come to his house?

Why is she so upset when her sleev is torn! It's anyways see through!!!!

Why does Sholk plead her and all the while when she was at work we only saw her messing things?

Why is Shlok one time haunty and other time cozy?

Why does Sholk like her when he can't stand her?

What's the relation between hanky and Aastha?

What does Shlok want from Aastha? Revenge / Love..

What's the role of Niranjans Bhai?

Is Niranjans character a grey or black?

Now that looks marriage on cards, who will support Aastha in Shloks house? 

Are we heading towards one ore Saas Bahu saaga and SP Bahu ki generous plot of take every crap dished out to her 

Why are CVs forced to bring Aastha and Shlok under one roof with some unlogical reason and give us forced romantce..

Do CVs feel phangurls will get satisfied with dripping/Pinning and a hero and a damsel in distress sketch? 

Some one pls help me out with my confused soul? I don't remember closest of being this confused even with any complex algorithm to decode/encode...


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Re: Iss confusion ka kya naam doon

Post by SAYAN18 on 2013-10-12, 09:52



Only Kostin.
No answer.
Is any guide book for IPK-EBP available ?

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Re: Iss confusion ka kya naam doon

Post by slmu on 2013-10-12, 12:51

Too many questions, not enough answers yet.

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Re: Iss confusion ka kya naam doon

Post by Sponsored content Today at 16:22

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