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Wow !! impactful dialogues uttered with passion and beauty

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Wow !! impactful dialogues uttered with passion and beauty

Post by Hades on 2013-10-12, 16:00

I am a recent watcher of  Jodha Akbar , I got pulled in when my friends and acquaintances began raving about a Tiger attack , The Tiger did not grab my heart nor the poor graphics , Another Tiger did grab my attention, He was the  short statured guy  with gimlet eyes , reflecting all the emotions of the scene through his scene.. I would say after Barun Sobti, Here is a guy who has the ability to emote through his eyes .He is diminutive in size especially when standing along with his peers  except that his raw talent, his brilliant acting  overpowers everything ,fixating our eyes on him ,erasing the incongruities of height ...A salute to this young Man !

while watching the episode Yesterday there were few dialogues that drew an appreciative nod, chuckle from me, I am enumerating them here, lets double our enjoyment .

1.Rishtedaari bada kamal ki Hatyaar hote hain.

2. Haq jathakar humse hamara hi haq cheenliya

3. Aap aBHi tak soch hi rahen hai, Adham Khan :P :P 

4.Zakham chahe sookh jaaye par Nishan yaad rahete hain

5.Yeh Hunar aapki paidayishi hai ya baqaida taalim haasil ki hai  *wolf Whistle*

 There are few more but  am restricting myself to these 5..what are your fav dialogues.. ??


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Re: Wow !! impactful dialogues uttered with passion and beauty

Post by Sillymirchi on 2013-10-12, 16:49

i lyke dat look akhbar gvs joda keeler luk :* emb*:


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