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QH Weekly Review 7th-11th Oct 2013

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QH Weekly Review 7th-11th Oct 2013

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-10-12, 17:01

Hey QHian darlings hope you are enjoying the weekend. I had turmoil week but say what life goes on right? This week Qh was filled with torment.expectation,saazish and more do enjoy my review and feel free to give a will make my work better ..keep smiling

Ayaan and Zoya are constantly thrown towards each other whether he is chasing the women who took the gifts and bumps into Zoya and she falls into his arms or Shirin's suggestion that they both go together to collect Farhaan's clothing. Zoya senses Humeria pain and a looking of understanding seems to pass through them whenever the new couple are asked to something together. Badibhi has accepted Zoya as the new Bahu. Razia tries to cause mischief again between Shirin and Zoya,but it backfires this time. ( Zoya looks so beautiful,her looks reminds me of the first few episodes) Haseena is at it again much to Najma's chagrin  This time she forces Najma to wash the family's clothes. Najma enters to get Farhaan's clothing and discover that it is wet.Farhaan is tensed about this when he finds Najma with it. He reprimands her for entering his room without knocking.She questions him and he tensed (I sense another Saazish!) Najma apologises and leaves then she saw Farhaan and Haseena having a serious convo( I should have know that Farhaan is no better than Imran,then again they are brothers and the old ones usually sets the example for the younger.Where is Imran? Why is Najma being treated this way?) Zoya and Ayaan make a light moment of the "turmeric" incident,then Zoya volunteers to get the items from Humeria's room,reassuring a doubtful Ayaan she will do so. Zoya and Humeria have a heart wrenching convo, Zoya tries to explain and apologise for the "mistaken" Nikaah,yet Humeria reminds her that She is Ayaan's first wife even though she is his first love. Zoya feels terrible. (Zoya and humeria were not at warheads,I loved their dialogues).

Zoya stops Humeria, she reassures humeria that everything will go back to normal,she also claims that Ayria love is stronger than any marriage or ritual.She holds her to solidify this,the unknowing sisters embrace. We saw Asad and Dilshad reaching the Groom's place,Haseena outruns Najma to greet them. Mopsy Asad senses Najma's unhappiness when she about to reveal what's bothering her,Farhaan and Imran interrupts them. Hypocrite Haseena begs them to come inside, She gives Mopsy Asad and Dilshaad the impression that she does all the chores and Najma lives like a Queen (Gulji if you are  reading this please consider a Najma-Nikhaat team to seriously teach Haseena and her boys a lesson)

Razia and Badibhi are at it again, Tanveer calls Mopsy Asad and torments him,Ayaan and Zoya arrives. Mopsy Asad sees them,Asad and Zoya shares a mitwa moment. Their torment was obvious and heart-wrenching (great acting,could not help the weak-kness when Asad rolled his eyes). Haseena's comments torments the lovebirds.Amazing  how Dilshaad overlooked her own daughter's grief but saw them in Zoya's eyes. The bothers hug,then greet farhaan (Oye hoye Farhaan is very Tall).The tormented lovebirds eye each other,longingly again. Zoya walks to Asad and they keep looking at each other,Haseena sees this and removes Zoya and places her next to her husband.The lovebirds are teary eyed and hurt. Haseena applies turmeric on Farhaan and bless him with money ( For the record, Muslims do not perform anything like this, we do apply turmeric as a beauty enhancer not as a ritual and blessings with money has no part in Islam. Nor a wife should not touch her brother in law). Najma applies the powder on Farhaan,she recalls his harsh words. Zoya and Ayaan are thrown together again by Haseena...torment and more torment for the lovebirds.

Zoya presents a gift to Asad as Ayaan's wife,tormenting them again,najam calls Zoya away,much to Haseena's dislike.  Asad takes a moment to recover he gets a ph call from "meow meow",she torments him about Zoya. He sense she is nearby (How is it that meow meow slips into the khan khaandans' homes unnoticed?) She reveals that there is a  scorpion hidden in Zoya's purse. Asad runs to Zoya,pulls away the purse and embraces his sister in law. Zoya is shocked, she gives in to the hug,They pay a hefty price for that hug afterwards. (Tanveer's scheme throws them together).Razia enters Zoya's room and puts acid in her make up set and facial creams.  This plan backfires and Humeria suffers the hefty price in becoming the victim of Razia's evil plan.

Wedding day, Razia uses this event and blames Zoya for this mishap, Haseena ill treats Najma and Farhaan is kidnapped( Hasn't anyone learned from Asad's incident?).Tanveer torments Zoya by a phone call. Haseena misses her big boy, hurls insults at Nikhaat,Rashid defends his daughter. Zoya remembers her convo with Tanveer she later reveals this to Ayaan. Haseena blames Zoya for this also,with all this comess happening,Asad walks in with Farhaan much to all relief. Farhaan is rescued by Asad but it is not revealed.Everyone asks Asad to stay for his sister's wedding.

Ayria shares a romantic cooling moment to her burning sensations on the face.The Nikaah is happening and Ayaan speaks through the moment to Humeria since she is unable to see. Asya too shares a romantic moment. Nikhaat and Farhaan finally marries. Zoya was about to gift Asad her husband's gift when Ayaan rushes in time to claim what is his. Asad feels terrible. Haseena turns her torment to Nikhaat and she is warned that torturing the DILs will be her trouble,they are sisters afterall.(YAY!!!!! Seems that there is going to be some teamwork afterall). Sherin is gratful to Asad and says this to him. Badibhi blackmails her eldest grandchild into accepting a gift from her. Asad accepts,the lovebirds eye lock and then departs from each other.


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Re: QH Weekly Review 7th-11th Oct 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-14, 11:09

Thanks a million for the weekly round up of the show Zai...ur my saviour.....and it wud not be wrong to say that i enjoy ur reviews far better than the show nowadays..... hug1 Thumbsup 

That Mopsy Asad cracked me up :) cheers

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