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Diya aur Baati Hum - Written Update - 14 October 2013

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Diya aur Baati Hum - Written Update - 14 October 2013

Post by slmu on 2013-10-14, 21:40

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th October 2013 Written Episode

epi starts with suraj saying to bhabho that something is bothering her
she says yes
but she doesnt want to share it with him
neither ask for any help from him
suraj says even now she is mom and he is her son
and pleads to say
bahbo says suraj is no more hers , he fades( sets) when sandhya comes
bhabho says suraj has lost his rights in RM
and has gone far away from RP
she says as time changed even suraj changed but change is constant
suraj says but the relation remain the same
and he still has the same love for her
he asks her why did she change the TB if she had no lovve for him
she couldnt stand her son in hunger
if it hurts suraj it pains for bhaabho
bhabho says if he still has the same relation then he himself has to find out the reason behind her worry
bhabho says but i will never reveal to you
vina reach the place
meena boasts of her jewellery and shows to everyone with her head shaking( to make the jhumka bounce)
meena makes full use of the situtation to boast
someone in the crowd asks meena that kanha dosent resemble vik or meena herself
some one asks whether it is original or fake
meena says bhabho hates FJ
meena says it was purchased in jaipur and its very rare the only such piece is with her
vik giving LC during meena and ladies convo
surya are doing jaap of bhabho
sandy says when bhabho was showing the jewellery to HG ladies and when she went to borrow sugar bhabho was ok
sandy says when the thief returned the jewels why is bhabho still upset
sandy use your brain if it was original why would he return , did nt expect this from sandy , this above sentence has nothing to do with the show
break; sandy comes across meena and she covers her ears and neck
bhabho is making baati and bhabhasa advises her to share her prob with suraj
he says to leave the past and mend their relationship, though the other 3 children stay with her couldnt guess her pain but inspite of suraj stayng away is able to know that something bbothers her
bhabho says that she will sell her waist band and get dilip’s mom share of jewellery
meena is boasting
by mistakes keeps changing the rate of the necklace( no one noticed)
bhabho says nothing is more than principles
and once suraj opted to move with sandy , it means he has no more responsiblities of RP
break; same as before
bhabho says if she asks for help from suraj it would mean she couldnt run the house for atleast 15 days
sandy comes across meena and she covers her ears and neck with her saree
meena says sandy to help suraj and escapes
kanha pulls her pallu
and sandy says that the necklace must be chavi’s

precap: someone comes iwth a big container of milk and kanha pulls the jhumka and it falls into the container, he takes it to suraj and he puts it to boil


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