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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 14th October 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 14th October 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-14, 22:00

Qubool Hai - Written Update - 14th October 2013

Ayan stops the bike, Zoya asks him if he is okay, Asad tries to call Ayan when Ayan faints. Zoya gets hysterical at Ayan's state. Rashid is also tensed as he is unable to reach Ayan while Badi B is all smiles and tells that they are both spending time together. Shirin is also happy that Nikhat has started a new life and all 3 pray for the happiness of their kids.

Zoya spots a car , asks them to stop and help her out to take Ayan to a government hospital which was close by. Asad is worried.

Najma is scared and wakes up Imran, he tries to tell her that everything is fine when Najma says that she hates secret and asks him if he is hiding something from him. He denies and tells her to sleep.

Zoya runs in search of the doctor, finally got someone who says that the doctor wont come at this hour and asks her to take Ayan to a private hospital. Zoya threatens the person to call the doc ASAP. He leaves to call him who stays close by.
The doc treats the wounds and tells him to catch hold of his hands as there is no one to give anaesthesia and he has to give him stitches. Ayan is in severe pain and Zoya is crying throughout. 

Asad is on his way to search for Zoyaan, Zoya takes doc's cell to inform the house members, Asad spots Zoya in the mirror and runs to reach her. The doc gives her the clothes which Ayan has to wear and asks Zoya to make him wear. Asad enters the room when Zoya is making Ayan  wear the shirt. Asad asks her how did it happen, Zoya doesnt answer him and walks out of the door.

Zoya is crying when Asad comes and she explained him about all that happened. Zoya tells that its only Asad who is responsible for all the mess. She said she is very scared about all the turn of the events, and she is feeling so guilty at having made a mockery of the institution of marriage. He asks her if she wants to marry him, and tells that with Ayan it was just an accident and to forget about it. He accepts that its his mistake and that he misses her and she is come to him. Zoya says its very easy for him to say but very difficult to do things. He tells her that he will shift Ayan to a bigger hospital and asks her to trust him.Both hug!!!

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