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Jodha Akbar 85: A jaundiced view

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Jodha Akbar 85: A jaundiced view

Post by sashashyam on 2013-10-15, 13:52

This  one is going to be -now don't start laughing already! - really short. It is more of a venting of exasperation than an analysis.
Let me therefore just put it down as a series of questions, and you can then amuse yourselves thinking up the answers. That is to say, after about 98% of you have recovered from the roseate haze induced by the boat ride, which should be by tomorrow morning. The PMs can thus wait till then.
Q1) It is all very nice to educate the viewers in the complexities of Mughal-Rajput animosities, and I was duly moved by the noble sentiments in the invitation sent by the Rajmata of Amer to Maharani Jaiwantibai of Mewar.  But apart from the  fact that the Rajvanshis shown confabulating with Kunwar (not  Rana) Pratap looked like a bunch of extras from a gangster film togged out in royal attire, there was another major problem with this segment
What about the invitation to Pratap's estranged father, the Maharana of Mewar, Udai Singh?  It was to him, as the head of the Sisodias of Mewar, that the invitation would have been addressed, not to Pratap, who was not even the Yuvraj. It  would have been  unthinkable in terms of royal protocol.

The CVs seem to have forgotten all about Maharana Udai Singh, but when Akbar laid siege to Chttor in 1568, It was still Maharana Udai Singh who was on the throne. He moved  to Udaipur, which he founded as his new capital, and left Jaimal and Patta to defend Chittor. Chittor  fell after a prolonged siege, enraging Akbar so much that he had all the defenders killed and their heads stuck on the battlements, as per the charming custom of those days, whether it was Henry VIII sticking Sir Thomas More's head on the Tower of London, orAkbar doing the same with  these Rajput heads at Chittor.

Udai Singh also stood firm against the Afghans first and then the Mughals, so this  premature emphasis on Kunwar Pratap seems odd, to say the least.

Q2) Why is it that Jodha is not even thinking of throwing  out any of the Kabul ke zevarat ? Should they not remind her of the Devi Maa's jewellery the Mughal raiders looted from the temple?
Not only does she not  do that, but she does not  burn the Dhaka mulmul either, inconsistent wench that she is. In fact, she seems quite in  ecstasies over her Ammijaan's largesse for Sukanya.

Q3) Why the Shahenshah's chief minister is shown to be such an incompetent that,  with a large military contingent at hand, he suggests that his emperor go for a boat ride on a lake in hostile territory, a sitting duck for any attacker,  without first securing the perimeter of the lake? In his place, having handled such visits as an Ambassador, even if it was not in hostile territory, that is the first thing I would have done.

Q4) How many times is Jalal to cut his hand - not to speak of worse -  in order to promote his shaky romance with the Amer ki Mirchi? At this rate, he will fade away from sheer blood  loss. This is the third time, and it is getting to be so hackneyed. Can't they think of  something  a bit more intelligent for a change?  How the devil did  he cut it this time anyway? His hand was quite saaboot  when he got into the boat.
It is a good thing for him  that the water must have been pure in those days. If it was today, he would die of chemical poisoning, possibly from  mercury,as in the Minamoto affair in Japan.

Q5) What was it with the pathetic standards of marksmanship among the tribal warriors? The arrows fell in showers,  reminding one of the Yuddha Kanda in the Ramayana, and if they had been even halfway proficient, our nascent lovers should both have been reduced to pincushions. At this rate, the tribals must be starving in the jungle!

 Q6) How on earth does Jalal propose to save our Amer ki Mirchi? At the moment, she seemed to be  in front and more exposed, for all his bravado of letting nothing happen to her.  The only  option would be for him   to dive under the boat with her,  and use the inverted boat as a shield.But then her regalia, when wet, would be heavy enough to sink them both. There  was no precap, so one could not make out what happen.
The whole boat ride  scene was contrived in the extreme, farce with a capital F. Not that I think anyone cares!God knows how much more of this corny stuff is going to be unloaded on us in Amer. After  a while, even Jalal's mischievous, dancing eyes will begin to pall; one  can have too much of  a good thing, especially when the object of all his badinage and flirtatiousness continues to look as if she has been attacked by a swarm of bees!
What had me in splits was the idea of Mahaam Anga singing a lori.
Don't mind me, folks, I am already out of sorts, seeing all my fears, voiced in my last 2 posts,about the likely graph of the Jalal-Jodha love story apparently  coming true. Carry on with the joyfest over the Akdha/Parijat prem katha. I am sure Jalal will cut another limb tomorrow, and Jodha will be stabbed by the assassin the day after. Phir kya,  yeh prem katha toh chalegi nahin, daudegi!
Shyamala B.Cowsik

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Re: Jodha Akbar 85: A jaundiced view

Post by Abavi on 2013-10-15, 14:03

hahah.. Nice write up Shyamala ji.

Yeah, with those arrows falling like rain, one wonders why not even one has attacked them... I thought, he would have pulled her into the water and used the boat to sheild them or if the minister is anywhere near intelligent like he ought to be, he should come with an army to attack the intruders and let Ja and Jo to come safely and dry to the banks...

But I see a wet clothes scene coming up soon...

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Re: Jodha Akbar 85: A jaundiced view

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-15, 14:36

Aunty, liked your questions, all very relevant BUT then since we are watching a typical Hindi TV show which runs more on TRP than logic, at least I do not have much complains from the makers till date barring a few of them....

Agar logic dekhne jaaye toh right from the start of the show...there were so many instances when we had a face palm/head desk moments but then till the time the makers are not going the Pavitra Rishta (Manav-Archana have become grandparents there, another leap affraid , another sets of children and their stupidities) way, I am hooked on to this show.

Coming to your first question, me thinks, the sentence was "pratap ke parivaar waalon ko" and the Mewar queens were shown reading the letter and then Pratap.....Udai Singh was not shown as the makers dont want to focus more on Mughal-Rajput relations but more on Jalal-Pratap, hence this decision.....also, this will not be the core of JA story hence certain nuances can be ignored.

Jodha not throwing away jewellery/clothes....since she has completely forgotten about Suryabhan so we can assume that Kali temple is also obliterated from her mind. the ghrina is only for Jalal and that too has taken a backseat now and is replaced by vichitra.....

also to a certain extent, she has noticed the love n warmth of Mughals so she is not against Mughals now.

@3,4,5,6 questions: if itna sochte toh JA story kaise aage badhegi.. after all, it has to surpass Diya Baati in terms of TRP ( so of course the competition is who will beat LOGIC better :) :P )

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Re: Jodha Akbar 85: A jaundiced view

Post by Sponsored content Today at 19:28

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