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Balika Vadhu - Written Update - 15 October 2013

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Balika Vadhu - Written Update - 15 October 2013

Post by slmu on 2013-10-15, 21:11

Balika Vadhu 15th October 2013 Written Episode

Jagya is leaving for the hospital. Mannu looks at him and he smiles. Ganga asks him for the breakfast. Jagya says he is not in mood.. and he’s late already. There is lots of work pending in hospital and Lal singh is not here either. Ganga says, but you look so tired.. your health is good, right? Jagya says, yes.. my health is good.. but my mind is not. Bapusa told me how badly they were treated in Udhaipur.. got insulted.. I am not able to forgive myself because of that. Don’t know.. how many more people I will hurt. Ganga tells him not to feel sad.. God is with him.. at least we got news that Sanchi is fine now.. if anything had happened to her, then you would not be able to forgive yourself entire life despite being innocent.. nor I would be able to forgive myself. Jagya says he is in no mood to go to hospital.. but has no choice. When day started like this, then don’t know how rest of the day will be like. Ganga says, with smile.. I have heard this from you only that doctors and nurses should see their patients with a smile.. so patients’ hope increases. It will be hard in start.. but as day passes.. you will forget everything. Jagya says, despite trying.. I won’t be able to smile today.

Ganga asks if I bring smile on your face then? Ganga asks Mannu what Koyal taught him. Mannu says, bapusa (dad). Jagya smiles and is surprised too. He takes Mannu in his hands and says, you don’t know how much happiness you gave me today.. not just today… you gave me happiness of my entire life. He says he will leave now. Ganga says, I will bring breakfast there too… you eat there. Jagya kisses Ganga on her forehead and then leaves.

Sanchi’s friends are at hospital. They say they couldn’t believe brave girl like Sanchi attempted a suicide. They ask if they can meet her. Ira says she needs rest right now. Her friends then say they will meet later. One of her friends asks for Jagya’s number saying she wants to lecture him. Ira says they have filed police complaint against him. Sanchi’s friends says he deserves this. They are leaving now. One of her friends gets tensed seeing Anandi. Anandi notices it.

Ganga is at hospital with breakfast. Jagya asks where is Mannu. She says she left him with Koyal else he would not let Jagya eat. Jagya says, you will have to eat with me as well. Ganga goes to put flowers in front of the goddess. Jagya opens the lunchbox and is getting everything ready. Someone comes in. He think it’s Ganga and turns back happily, but is surprised to see police. Police say Sanchi complained about Jagya and they are arresting him for making someone to attempt a suicide. A nurse hears it and runs outside to inform Ganga about this. police tell jagya he can eat if he wants.. as first they will take him to local police station, and then to Udhaipur. Jagya says he is fine.

Ganga is praying for Jagya. Right then a nurse comes and informs her that police have arrested Jagya because of Sanchi’s complain. Ganga sees police taking Jagya away and runs behind him. She asks police how they can take him… he’s such a nice person.. he’s doctor, then how can he do something bad with anyone. Police inspector says they can’t do anything. Jagya asks her to calm down and tells her that she has to be strong.. she has to take care of this hospital until Lal Singh returns.. and with that she has to take care of Mannu as well. He reminds her of her poem and says she has to be strong.

Jagya sits in police’s jeep and him and Ganga stare at each other. Police’s jeep leaves.

At Badi Haveli, sumi says this was going to happen.. which parents would stay quiet after all this happen with their daughter. Dadisa asks her to forget everything now. Sumi says, how can I forget everything like that.. I am not worried about our insult.. I am worried for Anandi. Dadisa’s remembers Ira’s words. She tells Sumi that relationship has already got bitter between that family and Anandi. Sumi says, and that Jagya and Ganga have no idea how many people have to pay for what they did. Ganga is shown running on the roads. Bhairo asks Sumi why do you bring their marriage in everything. Jagya’s breaking rishta with Sanchi.. and marrying Ganga are two different things. We always wanted Jagya to get married and be happy.. when he’s married now.. I don’t know what we have issue with it now. Sumi says, he’s not going to be happy as long as he is with Ganga. She is just trapping him.. neither you nor Jagya will know that until she destroys Jagya’s life.

Ganga comes at Badi Haveli’s door. She was about to go in, but remembers Jagya’s family’s words and stops. She screams and calls everyone out. Sumi asks how dare you to come here? Bhairo asks Sumi to calm down and asks Ganga what happened? why she came here like this? Ganga tells them that police arrested Jagya. Sumi asks, what did you do now? Ganga says, sanchi complained.. that is why they took them. Sumi says, oh God.. what will happen now. Bhairo wonders why they arrested Jagya.


Dadisa says, whose throats he cut that they sent police to arrest him. We apologised to them thousands of times.. what more they want? Bhairo asks Dadisa to calm down and he will go and see what the matter is. Basant and Ganga also go with him. Dadisa says, see what it is. I want my son out of jail on any condition. After they leave, Dadisa says, I am just quiet because Anandi is with them.. else they would know what I can do.

Police give a report to Jagya and says, answers to all his questions are in there. The inspector says, for making Sanchi attempt a suicide.. you’re under arrest. Sign the papers. Jagya asks, do you really think that breaking engagement is making someone to do suicide? The inspector says, this is not the only reason.. there are many other reasons. Sanchi told us that she is not the only one with whom you did this.. you did same with two girls before.. you stayed with them… and then left them when you were done with them. You did same thing with Sanchi.. you engaged her.. promised for marriage, but when you saw another girl.. you left Sanchi. This proves it’s your habit and hobby to play with girls’ emotions.

Bhairo, Basant, Ganga come. Basant says, don’t dare to say a word more.. you wear police uniform, that doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want. He betrays girls.. it’s his hobby.. what kind of nonsense is this? He’s a doctor.. everyone praises him and you? He tells Bhairo.. did you see what kind of blames they are putting on Jagya.. I thought they are educated people.. but look at this. Bhairo asks him to calm down as they will get nothing by getting angry like this. Ganga cries and says, he’s very good person.. he didn’t do anything.. he’s innocent.. you must have had some misunderstanding… please leave him. Police say court will decide that. Bhairo asks Jagya if he signed any papers. Jagya says no. Bhairo says, don’t sign any papers.. I will call Sanchi’s family. The inspector says, nothing will happen by that.. they can’t do anything in this matter either. With Sanchi’s statements, Udhaipur police has filed this complaint on behalf of Rajasthan’s government. The court will decide everything now.

Basant says we can at least get him out on bail. You give him bail.. right now. Police says, making someone to do suicide is a non bailable offence. he can’t get bail.. he will have to go to Udhaipur with us. Bhairo tells Basant to go home and take care of everyone. He will inform him what happens and will try to get Jagya out on bail as soon as possible. Jagya reminds Ganga of her poem again and says she shouldnt cry. Jagya then tells Basant Ganga will be alone here.. and asks him if she can go to him if she needs anything. Basant asks.. you need say this? I will take care of her.. you don’t worry.

Sumi is crying. Gehna is trying to calm her down. Sumi says her tears will only stop once she sees Jagya. Basant comes in alone. sumi asks where is Jagya? Basant says, they took him to Udhaipur. Whatever that is next.. will happen there. Basant tells Dadisa and others for what reason they arrested Jagya. Dadisa gets angry and asks how can they do that? Weren’t they ashamed of saying such stuff. Sumi again blames Ganga and says it’s her bad company with Jagya. Dadisa says, enough.. stop this Ganga Ganga.. all this is done by Udhaipur people.. we stayed quiet thinking our son made mistake and they got hurt.. but they took out wrong meaning of this. This is not right.. It’s time to answer them back. Screen freezes on Dadisa’s face.

Voiceover: Revenge spoils relationships..

Precap: Jagya is being questioned by police. They ask him, you took this much time to realize that Sanchi is best fit for you and your family? Jagya says, I was uncomfortable since beginning.. was just trying to convince myself.. and this marriage would have happened too if I didn’t hear Sanchi’s conversation in restaurant other day. Police ask if there was anyone else with him that day in restaurant.


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