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Spoilers 10/16 to 10/18

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Spoilers 10/16 to 10/18

Post by sweety1985 on 2013-10-15, 21:22

Wednesday 16th October: 
Kalindi confidently brings aastha infront of the both families and tells her to say that she is not intrested in getting married With shlok !!. Aastha speaks in very apologetic manner tells infront of both families that she's in love with shlok and wanna get married to him. 

Thursday 17th October: 
Shlok takes aastha along with him to some location where he has planned up some surprises for her. As she sees the surprise she gets impressed and gives a tight hug to shlok and says I love you. Shlok tells her to keep saying I LOVE YOU to him. 

Friday 18th October: 
Shok brings aastha along to oldage home where they meet suman aunty takes blessing from Suman aunty .shlok tells her sooner he's going to marry aastha. Shlok thanks to suman aunty and tells that because of her aastha has came to saputara and where they met first time. Everyone in oldage home are happy for them.

Source: TV Guide


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Re: Spoilers 10/16 to 10/18

Post by SAYAN18 on 2013-10-15, 21:58

Many thanks.
You saved us from guessing.

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Re: Spoilers 10/16 to 10/18

Post by sealove00 on 2013-10-15, 23:02

Cool! Now the initial promo makes sense.


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Re: Spoilers 10/16 to 10/18

Post by Sponsored content Today at 15:40

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