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SBS Qubool Hai Segt 16Oct13 "Asad aur Zoya ki Judaayi" Pics n Video added

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SBS Qubool Hai Segt 16Oct13 "Asad aur Zoya ki Judaayi" Pics n Video added

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-10-16, 14:15

Written Update .....

Voice over takes us to the sets of Qubool hai where the current track being shot is that Ayaan's health has deteriorated all of a sudden and Zoya  is unable to go back to Asad who is waiting for her just outside the gates impatiently ...

VO says that AsYa's love story is jinxed ... When ever every thing seems so right and Asad n Zoya think of uniting something goes out of control ... Something happens which thwarts all their plans ....  

The BG song for the segment was ..."Chaar dina da pyaar oh rabba badi lambi judaayi ..."

The scene shows Asad is wearing a grey suit and is waiting out side the gates of Ayaan's house and looking at his wrist watch impatiently as Zoya shows no signs of appearing ....  
Inside Ayaan's house ayaan is shown .. Trying to rise from the bed when he suddenly clutches his chest and falls down ..  His face is twisted with pain .. He then loses consciousness .... Zoya is shocked to see him in that state .. She shouts out for help ...

Zoya realises Ayaan has a heart attack/cardiac arrest/ heart stops ......
She starts giving him CPR .. Starts giving him cardiac massage ...
Razia is there too and is worried for Humeira and starts rubbing Ayaan's cold hands ...
Shireen is there in shock and scared about Ayaan she rubs Ayaan's feet ...  exclaims and disturb every one ....

Soon Zoya finds out that her resuscitation technique has worked wonders .. (With out any Doc /drugs) Ayaan's breathing has returned  ...
Instead of appreciating Zoya's skill full efforts Shireen starts screaming at Zoya and blames her for Ayaan's condition ..

Zoya tries to explain that she was asked o rest by Razia and how she was locked up inside her room but none are willing to lend her an  ear ..
Razia says she had asked Zoya to rest for a while and not neglect Ayaan all night !! ..
Off screen .. Zoya says that in Ayaan's house she could enjoy lots of chat pata chaat and other delicacies as Ayaan was a chatori zabaan and they all liked chat pata food stuff.... every day was like a party ..... Very unlike Asad who liked  simple home made food only ..

She speaks to the viewers that when ever the time comes for her to go back to Asad something goes wrong and she can't go back ..prevents her from leaving Ayaan
Asad speaks to the viewers that he was very annoyed that his promise to Zoya that he would get her back in a week's time seems to be unattainable... And he furiously thinks of burning the whole place down ...

Video update  ...

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Re: SBS Qubool Hai Segt 16Oct13 "Asad aur Zoya ki Judaayi" Pics n Video added

Post by ..rosa.. on 2013-10-16, 15:24

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