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Does Jodha need another life attempt on Jalal???

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Does Jodha need another life attempt on Jalal???

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-16, 23:47

To get her marbles back in place????? meoow 

Just caught up with today's episode and though I liked the episode in totality, but once again Jodha forced me to shake my head in exasperation.No 

Why is she always in a defensive mode? Even in Amer, she is stuck in her softer version of ghrina mode. She takes one step forward, two steps backwards in the relationship (agreed, this is just the start but still why is she not having a conflict of her own emotions vis a vis Jalal's words, actions.) scratch 

When Jalal is bending backwards in so many ways, why is Jodha not giving him a benefit of doubt or are all these barbs aimed to cover her pighatla ha dil towards Jalal. Jodha was being so insensitive towards Jalal both in her room and the mandir, no wonder he told her that at least she loves her father. Gosh!! she is failing miserably to read this man affraid 

In all the instances which has happened till now during the journey to Amer and in Amer --the boat ride, sharing tent, putting lep , why is Jodha not having a monologue. When Baaghin is being repeated again and again, why cant we have more of vichitra dialogues? bounce 

The Kali mandir was a fabulous scene and absolutely loved the way Jalal put her in place, tomorrow hopefully the reason behind germination of idea(Jalal ka sar) will get its proper closure. cheers 

Shayad Jodha madam ko tab yeh ehsaas ho ki jo dikhta hai woh hi haqeeqat ho, yeh zaroori nahi hai;  kabhi kabhi dimaag ka bhi istemaal kar lena chahiye.:rendeer: 

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Re: Does Jodha need another life attempt on Jalal???

Post by sonia1 on 2013-10-17, 01:08

Good one Thumbsup 
Loved the episode today.

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