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confusing revenge

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confusing revenge

Post by mithi on 2013-10-18, 22:14

If it  was planned by shloke then it seems to be failing
becz in today's episode aastha was traying to make anjali happy
and traying to follow all instruction to be a perfect bahu.
And when shloke said you probem with the rules or with who made the rules.
Aastha said its her duty to make her saasbai happy .
So Aastha is trying to be a perfect bahu ..
then what shloke will manage to make anjali angry.....
also it is possible that na & shloke both made the plan becz
na said half work you have complited half will be done by aavdhoot
So what does it mean
is they planned for plote....


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Re: confusing revenge

Post by sealove00 on 2013-10-18, 22:30

I think NA didn't plan for Shlok to fall for Aastha. It was Shlok all on his own making Aastha fall for him because he may want a revenge and the plot. NA is happy because their plot work may move forward because of Shlok's closeness to Aastha and think it will be easy for Avdoot to sign off those papers.


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