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Jodha Akbar 89: Chudail Shehzaadi!!

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Jodha Akbar 89: Chudail Shehzaadi!!

Post by sashashyam on 2013-10-19, 15:33

Well, folks, this one, on the very charming Episode 89, is not going to be one of my 4  pagers. For one thing,   it was like one of those pink, spun sugar candy  confections that vendors at a mela sell to kids, melting scrumptiously in the mouth, but with nothing much to sink your teeth into and chew over.  For another, Lashy's account of it on her thread -which should be required reading  for the forum -  is so thorough that  one can almost see the visuals!

Still, I have some supplementary points to make and a few  comments to offer, which I am putting down here, to stimulate discussion over the weekend. As it seems likely that the Sukanya Vivah, which I would call Shahi Shaadi Lite, is going to be ever more long drawn out than the original, there will be plenty of time for  that! In doing this, I am assuming that all of you would have seen the episode.


1) Jodha does  acknowledge to Sukanya that her sankalp (re: the infamous Jalal ka sar) had been fulfilled. She has no time to elaborate on it, but it is clear  that she sees the issue as having received closure thanks to Jalal's matha tekhna. Sau sau koti dhanyavaad Devi Maa ko,  ki is sarphiri ladki ko itni sadbuddhi  to pradaan ki  aapne!

2) She feels driven on the backfoot when she is, after some fruitless dodging  and feinting, forced to  confess that her marriage  is hollow,  and  in trying to salvage the situation, she makes 2 explanatory  comments.

One, the difference of religions excuse, for which some  might criticise her seeing the generous, unconditional  acceptance of her Hindu identity  by both Hamida Banu and Jalal. But  I do not feel that she means to convey any contrary impression. It was rather that  she has to say something that would sound at least halfway convincing to Sukanya, and she cannot think of anything else  right then.
Plus  she does not want to rake up her ghrina mantra now, when Jalal has made such a major gesture for her sake (or so she would assume, not factoring in the Hindustan ka dil jeetna angle) , and run the  risks about which Mahaam has since  briefed her in stentorian tones.
Two, she offers the our marriage is still very new  excuse, thus clearly hinting, and this to herself as much as to Sukanya, that her present alienation from her husband is but temporary. Given Jodha's attitude  to her marriage this far, this is no less than a quantum change in her mindset.
3) Jalal & the elephant: I think Adham will, on the next such occasion, have done something, like planting a thorn in a sensitive part of its body,  to enrage  the elephant just when Jalal is trying to pet it or to get on to its back, or maybe when he is  riding it, so that it runs amuck. Adham would  be hoping that it would  throw to the ground, trample on him and kill him. The perfect crime!
Of course Adham's track record will be maintained and  it will all go wrong.  I dare say because Jodha will be revealed to have one more hunar - she can speak the elephant lingo and thus control the rampaging tusker!
This apart, seeing the obsession of the CVs with the film, I was looking out for the elephant angle to make its appearance. Lo and behold, it has arrived!
Jalal-Jodha & the chhoti fauj

4) I was glad to see that at least something out of  Mahaam's tirade about the risk to Jalal from the temple visit has penetrated into Jodha's normally firmly closed mind. When  she voices unprecedented concern about the fallout for Jalal of  what he did in the temple, he should have been elated at this first ever sign that his begum cares about any potential troubles for him. However, he seems too tired to even  notice that, not to speak of pulling her (undoubtedly pretty) leg about it.

5) There were  so many very funny and charming  moments in the Jalal-Jodha segment in their bedroom,  but my own favourite is still the one in the precap yesterday. As I wrote elsewhere,it  reminded me of nothing so much as a wife waking up her husband at 2 am on a cold winter night and asking him to investigate a noise in the basement.

Jalal's face,  as he looked at the khanjar his begum  had handed him, accompanying it with nayanamudras straight out of a Bharatanatyam recital, to encourage him to get on with it,  was an unalloyed delight!
6) The heart of a child: Jalal delights in the company of children, whether little Rahim in Agra or the chhoti fauj here in Amer, because their affection and admiration for him are both unconditional and unstinting, without any ulterior agenda. All the other relationships in his life so far have been barter deals:  caring and affection, yes, but in return for what he can  provide. Remember the time when Ruqaiya (the  original one) admires his get up (at the time of the Farida affair) and he asks at once What do you want?
But when the littlest one here says that she came just  to see him, because aap itne sundar hain,  he basks in her admiration like a sunflower in the sunlight (that Jodha, with a side glance of proprietary pride at this point, looks almost as pleased as Jalal does  is another matter altogether!).
That the children delight in his company moves him as very little else, which is why he speaks later, with touching candour, of the sunheri yaadein  he will take away from this time spent with  them.  
There is, somewhere inside the  Shahenshah, the heart  of  a child.
7) Chudail shehzaadi: The bedtime story is unadulterated fun, and as Jalal goes on and on about the gussail shehzaadi jo hare rang se nafrat karti thi ( he never misses a single trick, does he?),  the fluctuating expressions on Jodha's face  are a treat to watch.  I was as pleasantly startled as Jalal must have been by her sudden,  rippling laughter. The last time we saw her laugh so much was after his offer of the talaq-e-khula, and then it was  awash with pure bitterness. Now  it is unclouded amusement, and she looks so joyful and so pretty that Jalal's breath must have caught in his throat. After all, this is what he had been striving for for weeks now, that she should  be comfortable with him,  at ease and relaxed.
Perhaps because of this newfound confidence, when she asks him to sleep comfortably and not fall ill, for that would worry her Bapusa, his standard complaint Aap ab bhi apne walid ke bare mein sochthi hain, hamare bare mein nahin! , has a new sound to it. As he tilts his head back against the bedstead and looks up at her,  his words have no tinge of sarcasm, or even of teasing.  His gaze is direct, and his eyes  are asking a question.
Her eyes look fully into his  for one long moment, and though  she says nothing, there is something in their depths that was never there before. A hint of a smile,  as if to  say Kitne bewakoof hain aap, Shahenshah! Har baat kahi nahin jaati. Kuch baaten apne aap samajhni padti hain!
This is perhaps the first insider joke between our Odd Couple!
6) Teerbazi: I was relieved to see Mansingh in some action at long last, and greatly amused by the Jalal-Mansingh  man to man joking about Jodha's  bossiness.
Interestingly, what Jalal tells Mansingh to do, to become one with the arrow while aiming at the target, is exactly what Maharishi Vishawamitra teaches the young Rama, and Dronacharya teaches Arjun. It is the essence of  concentration,  with  a focus so laserlike that it shuts out everything else around but the archer, the arrow, and the target.
Lastly, does Jodha have to pull a 1970s film heroine stunt at least once in every episode? What was it  with the bee stung face and sarcasm after Jalal had praised her various hunars with such evident sincerity ?
That there seem  to be far too many of these hunars  is another matter altogether. Does she have to be such a sarvakalavalli? All that remains is for her to walk on water!
To revert, she looks ridiculous and sounds worse. But because she laughed so prettily the  night before, I will cut her a bit of slack, and pass it off as payback for his chudail shehzaadi  crack!

7) So, the precap that followed immediately thereafter, with Mahaam giving Jodha a much needed taste of her own medicine, delighted me no end. One for the Wazir-r-Aaliya, who rubs it  in good and proper!

Joke of the day: The ragtag bunch of Rajvanshi chamchas of Kunwar Pratap, looking  for all the world like the villain's 5th  to 8th sidekicks in a 1970s film togged out as downmarket royals, arguing loudly, right inside  the Amer stables, about their proposal to bump off the Shahenshah. Whatever Bharmal's suraksha prabhand might be like, his intelligence network is kaput. Otherwise, the  first securityman masquerading as a stable hand would have rushed to him with the news of this Keystone Kops venture!

Shyamala B.Cowsik

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Re: Jodha Akbar 89: Chudail Shehzaadi!!

Post by sonia1 on 2013-10-20, 00:24

Superb analysis Shyamala.Thumbsup 
Though it was a candy- floss..fairy tale of an episode, Jalal certainly got his heart's see Jodha laugh with sheer abandonment, to be able to make her laugh...Heart 
And Jodha wouldn't be Chudail Begum if she didn't go back to her nose-up-in-the-air attitude...I burst out laughing when he hands her one arrow and she goes on to pick three !! Show-off Chudail Begum  :lol!: 

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