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Qubool Hai Written Update 22October13 "Love, Lies and Heart breaks"

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Qubool Hai Written Update 22October13 "Love, Lies and Heart breaks"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-10-22, 21:14

...The episode begins with ... Zoya waiting at the lake side ..with her suitcase .. For Asad to pick her up

On the other side Asad has brought the police into his house and the police and Asad are looking every where for Tanveer .. Who is seen hiding somewhere ... And is watching furiously thru a concealed window .... Asad n police searching for her ....
They cant locate her ..
Asad informs the police that she was his childhood friend and was barging into his house again n again ... Inspite of his warning her .....And needed to be restrained by police now ....

Finally they locate Tanveer who is sitting on the bed and wailing away to glory ....and has numerous wounds on herself .. And screaming for help and crying and pleading Asad not to harm her !! OMG what nautanki by Billi meoow 
Shocked Shocked 
Police accuse Asad of beating up the girl .. They seat him into the police jeep and drive off to police station .... At the PS Asad informs his lawyer .... To come immediately .. And not to leak out the news of his arrest to any one ....

He wants to call Zoya but he is allowed only one call ..
Police confiscate his mobile ..

Elsewhere Zoya is waiting for him is the sun ... By the lake side .... Getting impatient ... She gets  slowly worried .. No one responding at home, on his mobile , his office too fail to connect her as lawyers have advised them to give that reply and not to disclose about his arrest ...

Zoya is hurt and is sheding tears as she waits for Asad in vain ..

In ayaan's house humeira and Ayaan are together .. And they try to iron out their differences ... And Ayaan promises to inform every one that Zoya had left .. Wakil would prepare their talaq ke kaagzaad and then they would be free to do Nikah ..and this time none would come between them ... Just that moment ... Zoya enters that room in tears ..
Zoya throws her suitcase and sits down weeping .. Ayaan along with humeira want to know where was asad .. Why did he not come , why was she crying ...
She is wailing and replies that asad did not come to pick jer up and she went to asad's house and it found it locked .. He was not reachable thru phone ...

At the lake side Asad has reached and is looking for zoya .. He rings her up but she angrily cuts the line .. He then talks to His bro ayaan ..
Ayaan tries to pacify the broken n hurt Zoya .. If both asad and zoya were wishing to be together they would have to talk ... Zoya tells ayaan that he should not take her bro's side .. If Mr Khan wanted her to go back to him he had better come and apologize to her .....
She tells Ayaan that he had no idea how much she missed His Bhai jaan ...
Shireen over hears every word of zoya ....

At Imran's house farhaan is relishing the kheer brought by nuzat .. Nikhat asks him how strange it was that nuzat's place had so much rain and not a drop fell here .. She then asks Farhaan if he had for wet in the rain .. If he had gone  out at night  .
He makes an intelligent excuse ... But Nikhat catches on his white lies .. She wonders why was Farhaan lying to her ??

Farhaan  then offers Nikhat a glass of falooda ... Saying she shared with him the halwa .. So he wated to share falooda with her ..... As she goes to get the rose syrup ...she is shocked with what she sees ....She  catches him adding a crushed tablet into her glass ... 

Precap.... Badi Bi tells Shireen to ready the kitchen for Zoya's rasoi rasam .... shireen informs  Zoya that the next day had been planned for her rasoi ki rasam .. She asks zoya if she wanted her rasoi ki rasam to be held !! Zoya is caught  between this family and her love ..

Nikhat tells farhaan that she has seen him adding a tablet into her glass 


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