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Qubool Hai Written Update 23Oct13 "Vamps have a field day"

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Qubool Hai Written Update 23Oct13 "Vamps have a field day"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-10-23, 20:50

The episode begins with Ayaan coming down to join every one at the dining table .. He thanks Zoya for nursing him back to health ..
Badi bi asks Shireen about zoya's rasoi rasam ....
Ayaan senses her discomfort ....tries to avoid  the rasam by saying that she has never cooked as she was brought up in New York  ..
Badi bi is supportive and encouraging ..
Zoya tries to avoid the rasam ..
Shireen explains to Zoya that rasoi rasam was her first step as a bahu .. A promise to her family that after nikah her shohar meant everything to her .. And no good bahu should avoid this rasam .. Zoya tries to avoid replying by running out for a breath of fresh air ..

Zoya is sitting outside the home and recollecting all the previous moments and then decides to go back to Mr Khan the next day then does not wish to break the hearts of badi bi and Shireen .. She then decides to leave soon after completing the rasoi rasam ...

Razia is looking at zoya and making plans how to throw her out of this house as asoon as possible .

Tanveer is looking at Zoya and thinking of ways to kill her so that she never meets Asad .. So that her next day never arrives ..

Razia then notices Tanveer loitering around her house .. Razia is extremely worried.. that Tanveer knew the secret about Gafoor being Zoya's father .. she might let her secret out if not dealt with seriously ..

At Imran's place Nikhat notices Farhaan mixing a powdered tablet into her glass of falooda ..

As Farhaan offers her the glass Nikhat looks at the glass with disgust .. As Farhaan encourages her to have it she takes a spoon full hesitantly and then the full glass
and tells Farhaan that she had seen him adding tablets to it ...

Farhaan replies  that he was doing every thing for her .. Because she was going to commit suicide because of Haseena's misdeeds .. He was trying to help her relax .. And not worry 

In her drowsy  state she asks him about his wet clothes and muddy shoes .. He makes bahana about some burst pipes and muddy areas ..
Farhaan then tells her to trust him ..
He then leaves .. After making a face ..

Next morning Nikhat  is in the kitchen .. Wanting to make some kesar firni for Farhaan .but she can not find the ingredients as all containers are empty .. Najma informs her about every thing being locked in their Mil's room .. Nikhat goes there to find that room locked too ....  Najma gets the keys to to their MIL's room .. Nikhat is hesitant since their MIL. Was not at home .. But Najma says they will inform her once she comes back ...

Zoya is in the kitchen .. Being assisted by Badi bi n Shireen .. Who show her all the spices ... And ingredients .... She clearly makes it evident that she did not know any cooking ... Zoya says she would prepare pizza and chocolate cake ...badi bi n shireen are shocked but don't say anything .... Razia comments that she had been living in dilshad's house and was going to become their Bahu so dilshaad must have taught her something .. So she should be left alone .. Dadi assures her of her support and advises her to start off allah ka naam lekar ..Dadi Zoya hug affectionately 

Precap .. Zoya is messing up the kitchen .. And spoiling the dishes 

Haseena is accusing Nikhat for stealing rice from her room Najma is taking Nikhat's side and trying to stop Haseena insulting Nikhat any further  ..

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