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ILKDM # 33 : The Call Of the Siren !!

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Re: ILKDM # 33 : The Call Of the Siren !!

Post by ShaliniRobinson on 2013-10-24, 19:43

Tanthya wrote:
....Poojie.... wrote:
Tanthya wrote:
....Poojie.... wrote:I wish she could have said atleast one line like.."I know you are capable of looking after yourself well..."

And yes now I understand her extra concern for Amer.. 

Jalal too is taking steps towards her.. like the temple incident, 

And I don't want Jalal to change his attitude or his ambition.. I do not want that Jalal becomes Akbar because he wants to please Jodha.. His 'everything I do for my benefit..' is for his larger goal of getting the entire hindustan as one..
and given him the leeway for more taunts , taana maarna ..

Jalal is taking the steps  but his every step is covered by veiled barbs which confuses her .. She sees him teasing his sisters, nieces and sees another persona  then he tells her that he has no worries about any enemies as she is right by his side which putts her off.. whatever Jodha is, she ain't a perceptive one and needs everything spelled  out .

Jalal will not change his ambition, they will remain the same .. nor will his ardour to bring in any  friendly spirit towards  Pratap ...  His,' meri benefit' mantra is to cloak his  softness
In this case.. Jodha is never going to say I love you.. till Jalal says it  :lol!:
That would be the natural and normal order ..He has to say  the 'magic' word   .. Wink Wink
In the movie tho.. Jalal asked Jodha first. He asked her if she loved him. and when she accepted, then he too poured his heart out in one simple sentence - hum apse be-intehaan mohabbat karte hain....
dekhien ye wale Jalal ji kya karte hain

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Re: ILKDM # 33 : The Call Of the Siren !!

Post by sonia1 on 2013-10-24, 20:12

long hug 

A bigger, tighter hug to you Sathya for this brilliant post. *standing ovation...clapping* ..I just posted this in another thread......
I can understand the angst against Jodha....I did not write my musings yesterday after reading about  Jodha bloodbath   
I enjoyed that explosive verbal volley between them yesterday.
 I do not blame either .....both are stuck in their ego and pride, in their own web of pretense. I thought there was concern when she first came in and mentioned the boating incident but she had overheard him say the he did not even trust his own shadow....the moment he says if she has started caring for him, she starts with Amer rant...If one of them shows some progression, the other's taunt or retort takes them a step back ! Jalal doesn't want to be the first one to tell her about his feelings since he himself is not sure, whereas Jodha is cautious...she is well aware of his Dil nahi hai hamaare paas/Mughal Sultanat ki Izzat ke liye bachhaya aapko/Nafrat karte hain aapse ....he called her his dushman who had the guts to show her hatred on his face....both are side stepping the issue.....she was brutally honest in saying that your life, your decision ... its a difficult life where he cannot trust family, near ones, even his own she pitied him.  I would call it aBITTER TRUTH moment between them ! Uff 

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Re: ILKDM # 33 : The Call Of the Siren !!

Post by sarra0 on 2013-10-25, 03:33

another great post...i can't comment on the mahabarat connections don't know much about it so I'll take your word for it...

yes it is the attitude that Jodha has that has interested Jalal, that first wanted to break, teach her a lesson, hate and then changed slowly...and it's this very attitude, style that keeps him interested, challenged...if she had been like any of the others he would have forgotten about her quick enough but she is not doing this on purpose, this will b a by product of her stance, her words etc.. and while that will benefit them and us in the long run i at the same time I am tired of the tone and the same dialogues...they want to keep the barbs keep them, I'll welcome them it makes viewing fun but maybe slightly less astringent... it just grates...

..He ALWAYS has to be the weapon primed, ready to explode... that line certainly fits with today's episode...

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Re: ILKDM # 33 : The Call Of the Siren !!

Post by Sponsored content Today at 00:53

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