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Qubool Hai Written Update 24Oct13 "Zoya-Ayaan friendship"

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Qubool Hai Written Update 24Oct13 "Zoya-Ayaan friendship"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-10-24, 21:42

The episode begins with Zoya attempting to prepare the chicken pizza and chocolate cake ...with disastrous results 

She spills flour, scatters the vegetables , burns the veggies, dirties the work space , she is disgusted and is in tears ..
Ayaan comes and tries to diffuse the situation cheers her up , , cleans up the kitchen , cleans the surfaces , he prepares the meal ... Chops tomatoes, onions, cuts paneer ...makes sabzi ....after all what are friends for ??. ...

Ayan tells Zoya to stand guard at the kitchen door and inform the moment she ses any one coming that way ..
Dadi comes .. And is easily fooled by Ayaan, Zoya .. She is impressed with zoya's cooking ..lazeez  Labaabdaar paneer muttar ..
Zoya hugs Ayaan and humeira enters the scene and is very hurt .. Watching the two laughing together
At Imran's house Najma has brought Nikhat into Haseena's room .. Nikhat takes what ever she needed for preparing phirni for Farhaan ..

As they are about to leave Haseena returns and the sisters are caught in action .... She accuses nikhat of stealing .. And also insults nikhat by saying "jaisi kaali soorat waisi kaali senat ... "
Najma can't take it any more she tells her ammi that these were needed for her sonFarhan's fhirni and if she had kept these items in the kitchen  they would not have needed to enter her room .. Najma takes Nikhat with her to kitchen for making the dish ..
Haseena is infuriated with her bahu talking back .. She makes up he mind to teach them a lesson and bring them back on the right track ..
Nikhat and Najma discuss about haseena's bad behaviour ...

They hear a noise .. They peep into their Mil's room to hear her hiding her keys .. As she wanted the two bahus to beg before her for their daily needs .. They peep and watch her hiding the keys into a artificial potted plant ...and is feeling very happy about it

At ayaan's house ..... He  is pleased with every one praising Zoya's cooking ... But Zoya is depressed .. He tries to cheer her up ..
Ayaan wants to know why was she depressed .. Zoya wants Asad to apologise to her  ...

But Ayaan informs her that he had promised Asad that he would get Zoya back as soon as the rasoi rasam was over .. And now that it was done away with she was free to go to Asad .. Zoya's mood is immediately uplifted .. She rushes to freshen up

Ayaan  says he would get her luggage next day .. As every body would question them if she left with luggage .. Razia over hears the two talking .. And thanks allah Miyan for zoya's departure .. As Ayan n zoya reach down stairs .. They are surprised to find Maulvi saab and other reporters tabassum Rubina from famous Magazine waiting for their interview ..
They want to publish a story and interview of the couple who had opted for community wedding in spite of belonging to affluent family ..

How the newly wed bahu  were adjusting with new family .. Their after wedding moments ... Their story etc ..

Razia orders the reporters out of their house as their family did not alow the news about their bahu betties to be published in the news papers ..and magazines ..

. But reporters are sure that it was Razia who had requested them to come for their interview ..and maulvi Sahab is in agreement with the girl's claim !,...

Razia then realises that some one had  impersonated her .. And it was none other than Tanveer 
Reporters inform .. They would come to take the interview .with their crew and camera for next two Days ..
Ayaan tries his best to wriggle out of the situation ...but ...
Maulvi sahab tells Ayaan that after such a nek kaam this interview would bring them nek naaami (good reputation )

Precap Razia and Tanveer challenge each other that each wil not let the other win Razia wants Zoya out Tannu wants Zoya to stay put so that she has asad all to herself

Razia plans her next move to send Zoya away ...  

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Re: Qubool Hai Written Update 24Oct13 "Zoya-Ayaan friendship"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-10-25, 00:54

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