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Bhai Movie Review

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Bhai Movie Review

Post by way2movies on 2013-10-25, 15:02

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David (Asish Vidyardhi) is mafia don gang head in Hong Kong and Bhai aka Vijay (Nagarjuna) works as key member in his team.

 David relies mostly on Bhai rather than his sons James (Sonu Sood), Tony (Ajay) which makes them to envy him. An undercover cop starts killing vital members of mafia interrupting their operations in Hyderabad

Who is the undercover cop? What does Bhai find out and How does he resolve it forms the crux.

Nagarjuna looked charming, stylish in his getups but his characterization lacked intensity and the senseless dialogues didn’t suit the actor. Despite his hard efforts, his hard work goes in vain due to poor script.
Richa Gangophadyay has nothing much to perform but shake legs in songs and look glamorous and she has done it good.
Final Verdict
Forced commercial elements distracts you away from main story… On the whole, Bhai is a below average fare!!!


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