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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 25th October 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 25th October 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-25, 22:01

Qubool Hai - Written Update - 25th October 2013

Asad calls up Zoya and Z says that she wont come to KV and has to stay for 2 more days and recalls the FB of the interview and tells she doesnt want to aggravate the matter, Asad disconnects the call mid-way. Ayan sees that Zoya is disturbed.

At the dining table, Haseena opens all the containers and finds very little food  in all of them,Najma tells Imran that Haseena's room was lockedso they could not prepare more food. Farhan also asks Haseena, Najma says that the servants are also not in the house. Imran Farhan decide to order biryani from outside, Najma tells Nikhat that we should order some sweets too. Haseena's elder sister comes and rubs it on her,against the 2 sisters and decides to teach them a lesson.

Razia calls up Tanu, taunts at her, and is furious that Tanu is behind all the happenings about the maulvi interview for Ayan-Zoya, Razia says that she wants Zoya to stay in SM, Tanu tells that she wants to get married to Asad. Tanu challenges that Zoya will never win from her and Razia wont be able to do anything. Razia thinks that Zoya will be kicked out of the house by her.

Ayan tells Zoya that she should have gone to Asad's house, she tells him friendship ka vaasta and is angry that its only because of the two brothers that she is caught up in the situation. Ayan and Zoya have an altercation about their flop plans and have physical blows and pillow fight, childish acts which is watched by Humeira and she gets insecured and has tears in her eyes.

Zoya finds that her bracelet is missing and searches for it, Razia comes and taunts that she cant even manager the heirloom, Razia continues and says that if it fell outside then its difficult to find, gives her the taana of sharif khandaan and then taints her parents, Zoya gives her the fitting reply and asks about them and Razia gets the FB of how she killed her mom, Zoya finds the bracelet and hands it over to Razia. Razia thinks that she has to oust Zoya before Siddiques comes back in 2 days.

Precap--Razia pours soapy water on stairs so that Zoya slips but its Ayan who is going to step on it.

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