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Shlok’s past reveal to Astha’s family

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Shlok’s past reveal to Astha’s family

Post by SAYAN18 on 2013-10-27, 13:23

It is being shown that Shlok was always seen in a rude and angry mood, and hate girls. Shlok and Astha hated each other very much but later their hate changed into love.
Both Astha and Shlok have got engaged now and moving towards their marriage.
But there are lots of drama remained to unfold before Shlok and Astha’s marriage which might also break their relation.
First Jyoti’s truth which is revealed by Astha to Shlok’s family but Anjali refused to believe on Astha.
In the upcoming episode Anjali and Niranjan will tell Astha’s family about Shlok’s past which will make them shocked.
On a side both Shlok and Astha’s bond is becoming stronger.
On the other side, some people are plannning to seprate love birds Shlok and Astha.

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Re: Shlok’s past reveal to Astha’s family

Post by sameersaagar on 2013-10-27, 20:33


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