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Balika Vadhu - Written Update - 28 October 2013

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Balika Vadhu - Written Update - 28 October 2013

Post by slmu on 2013-10-28, 20:36

Balika Vadhu 28th October 2013 Written Episode

Outside court room :
Singhs and Shekars are facing each other , Ira advances towards Jagya , she says everyone does a mistake whether it is 1 time 2 time , but the one who has committed mistakes repeatedly has the right to forgiveness or not that i dun know but please ma ji please forgive me and my family , dadu says i know it is not easy to forgive and we have done a great mistake , we blindly trusted Sanchi , i know it will be very difficult to forgive us , but please forgive us , he folds his hands , DS says you are saying all this to the wrong person , we are scorched by it but the burned is Jagya . Shiv comes to Jagya , he folds his hands , he says i am sorry , Jagya holds his hand , he says no Shiv you dun need to apologize to me , there was even my fault , though i was correct but i did it in the wrong way , i should have said my heart out to my family before itself so all this could have been prevented . Dadu says Jagya after listening to all this we are feeling more guilty , he blesses Jagya . Shiv says even after breaking the relation , Jagya kept the honor but i had the relation still i insulted all of us even though you all walked and came to me . Bhairon consoles him , i can understand your pain even i have a daughter . Ira says but i am only responsible for all this hullabaloo , she catches DS and Anandi’s hand and connects them , she continues ma ji you have said that relation doesn’t simply break only by saying and you were right , i became the wall between both of you . I cant separate a daughter from her mother . DS’s eyes are filled with tears , Anandi says i know dadi sa you are very hurt but please try to forgive it and proceed ahead in life , DS says i can do everything possible thing in this world for my chokri , they both share a bonding hug , Anandi goes to Sumitra , she says now my family is complete and happy like before once again , i pray to kanha ji that please keep my family safe and happy . Jagya interrupts , he says now you all must be thinking that i must be hating Sanchi now but you are wrong , he says to her Sanchi a person never becomes a culprit by committing a crime but becomes a culprit when they dun learn from their past mistakes , you are a girl from a very good house, you can still go ahead in life and there is a inspiration in your house itself I.E Anandi . When she came to our house as a bride , she totally adjusted to our lifestyle and we soon forgot that she is not a bahu but a beti , they even turned against me for her, i hope one day you will also earn the same respect to your family , as of now your family is in shame .

Outside court room :
Jagya says by doing this our family bonds will grow stronger , he folds his hands and excuses himself and this family , he says now we are going to Jaitsar .

In some corner :
Anandi says to Ganga i am very happy for you , finally you have done it and now i have no tension for Jagya as i know you are here to care for him . Ganga says it’s you to whom i should thank endlessly , because of you i got a new world , a new life to leave , Anandi consoles her .

Outside court room :
DS says to the shekars to grant them leave , she says now we should even go to the guest room to collect our luggage , Ira says to Anandi that she can accompany them and take the driver with them as well , the Singhs leave.
All the shekars watch them.

Badi Haveli :
Basant who is talking to Bhairon on phone , he says okay and cuts off the call , he is keeping on a very serious and angry face , Gehna worriedly asks what happened ? What judgement did the judge give ? Basant angrily says what can you make out by seeing my face huh ! Then he laughs aloud , he says Jagya won the case and has been proven innocent . Gehna happily asks but how did Sanchi agree ? Did DS spanked her , as she was already very angry or Anandi used her magic ? Basant says all the proofs are held against her so we won the case , now let’s not waste time and get in to preparations for welcoming them , they may arrive at any moment . Gehna says hope Jagan will come too , Basant on a serious note agrees with her .

Cant recognize the place really :
DS and Bhairon with Anandi standing beside them discussing about whether to bring Jagan to BH or not . Bhairon asks Sumitra about it , she says after suffering from such a big shock i cant trust as of now , Bhairon explains even it was the bitter truth for us , but we have to go ahead in life but it was god’s blessing that Jagya broke the relation with Sanchi otherwise we would be living in hell right now , it’s not only for Jagya’s happiness but for the goodwill of the family as well . Sumitra says i know i am not trusting right now , i know Sanchi is wrong but do you all think Ganga is the right girl for him ? Bhairon says you are talking like this even now ? Only Jagya has the decision to choose his bride and he had already done that . Sumitra says but i never hope so if Jagya got in to a big trouble due to Ganga as Ratan singh is in jail right now but he will be coming anytime to take his child and what he will do when he will come to know that Ganga has married Jagya ? DS and Bhairon tries to convince again and the episode ends on her confused face .

Voice over :
Even though the law has given rights to widow and divorcee ladies to start their lives again but the traditions still aren’t free for it.

Precap :
Sumitra profusely apologizes to Ganga , i was wrong in judging you , she folds her hand , Ganga stops it , she cries out ma and they they hug each other . The scene shifts to KB where Anandi says to Shiv that this teddy is even ready to apologize by holding its ear , shiv does it , he apologizes , Anandi says no it is still not okay , she raises the flap of the teddy where it’s written I Love You .


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