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Qubool Hai -- Written Update --28th October 2013

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Qubool Hai -- Written Update --28th October 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-28, 22:02

Qubool Hai -- Written Update --28th October 2013

Ayan tries to cheer up Zoya thinking that she is upset with Razia but Zoya says that she is worried about the accidental nikaah, she doesnt like making a mockery out of a marriage. Ayan lightens the atmosphere and to stop being philosophical. Both are having fun and Humeira comes and thinks that Razia was right that she wants to take her place in Ayan's life.

Farhan is about to put meds in water when Nikhat stops him and tells him that she wants to thank him as he has taken her care so well. She doesnt need any meds and is very lucky that Farhan came into her life. Farhan is angry and thinks that he wants to go out. Haseena comes and informs that she is sending all 4 of them to honeymoon. Farhan tries to dissuade but Haseena says that its her nikaah's gift to them.Haseena asks where do they want to go for honeymoon out of various options and they decide to go to London.

Zoya spots a bucket lying at a random place and goes to keep it when Razia strikes up a plan. She pours  soapy water on the stairs,and thinks that Zoya will get out of the house today itself. Ayan steps over it and is about to fall when Razia catches him. Razia wonders who poured soapy water at this place, everyone looks at Zoya accusingly. Zoya denies that she did anything, Ayan also take her side, Razia tries to instigate Shireen against Zoya and that she is lying, trying to hurt Ayan on purpose.

Zoya is preparing juice, she leaves it for sometime when Razia mixes something to the juice. Zoya comes and gives the same juice to Ayan.Badi B says that Zoya takes very good care of Ayan, Zoya leaves from there, Ayan is about to drink the juice when Razia comes and says that she saw Zoya mixing something to the juice.

Precap--Ayan forcibly drinks the juice and fell unconscious, Tanu blackmails Asad that she is going to be sauten of Najma.

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