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Balika Vadhu 13th March 2013 Written Episode


The Shekhar family are shown outdoors where the woman folk (except
Sachi) and the men (except Shiv (S) and Mahi) are making ‘bati’ (which
is a food item). S is working on some documents. Sachi comes to the
scene where she expresses her displeasure about the batis being cooked
on a flame fueled by cow dung. Daddu replies that, that is the right way
of making batis. He tells her that the taste will be unique. S and
Anandi (S) exchange glances at each other. Mahi also comes to the spot
and complaints about the food not being ready since he is already
feeling hungry. Daddu tells Mahi that bati can satiate his hunger but
not his senses. Sachi then tells everyone that next week she is going to
make batis in Kesar bagh. Everyone looks surprised hearing this come
from her mouth and then are shown excited by the thought of going to
Udaipur. S and A look serious. A puts a bati on the flame but in the
bargain her hand brushes against the flame. Ira asks her what happened
when she replies that she only got a little hurt. Seeing this S runs to
her to attend to her. S holds her hand and gently blows over it as A
looks at him. Everyone is happy seeing S’s concern for A. S and A share
an eyelock. Seeing this Mahi teases S to also blow over the flames so
that the batis get done quickly. This embarrasses S and A and S goes
back to his chair. Ira then exclaims that Kesar Bagh will blossom when
all of them will stay together. Daddu then tells Ira to thank him for
that. Everyone wonders why? Daddu replies that during S and A’s wedding
he had spoken to the Chief Minister telling him that since S was posted
in Jaitser he has hardly been with the family. Now that he is married
the family would like to spend time with the couple. Hence the transfer
was done. Alok teases daddu saying that even he could have used his
contacts to make this happen but he did not want to misuse it.

Seeing a serious S daddu asks him why he doesn’t look happy. S
replies that he is happy but is also disappointed since there is a lot
of work pending and half done in Jaitser which he wanted to see till its
completion. He is feeling bad that he will have to break people’s hopes
by his transfer. Sachi then tells S that a small village like Jaitser
will always need some improvement, that doesn’t mean he will have to
continue living in substandard conditions. This angers S and he tells
her that she has no right to call a village substandard just because she
lives in a city. He goes on telling her that A has helped Jaitser
progress alot compared to other villages. Very soon there will be a 100%
literacy rate along with other amenities. The family looks proud
hearing this about their daughter-in-law. Sachi then agrees but counter
argues saying that the collector who will take over from S will also be
able to complete all these unfinished projects. S agrees that the new
collector will be able to finish the projects but will not be able to
fulfill dreams. Alok says that he doesn’t understand since everyone
needs to adjust to the situation and in turn make new goals. Sachi then
asks S whether he is not happy to go to Udaipur since A is not happy to
leave? Sachi asks A if she is upset since she will have to live away
from her family. A doesn’t answer.

Daddu then tells Sachi that she has a point. He tells A that in the
happiness of having them live with the family they forgot to ask A’s
opinion about moving to Udaipur. Meenu also raises the question while
the family looks forward to A’s reply. A is left in thought. A replies
that every understanding girl after marriage accepts her in-laws house
and hence she would have to leave Jaitser sooner or later. But she
thought that she had some time left to do something for her village and
hence she does feel a little bad to leave. But the happiness to live
with the family exceeds this sad feeling. Everyone is happy and Meenu
says that she knew that A would give such an answer which would not need
any further questioning. She then says that she has started
understanding her daughter-in-law well now. A thanks Meenu for trusting
her so much. She softly says that she hopes everyone could trust her
that much. Everyone including A looks at S on hearing this. Ira tells A
that we are hurt when our dear one misunderstand us but one also needs
to forgive and forget it. S then says that when someone loves a person
very much he is scared of hurting that persons feelings due to which he
may make a mistake. But in such cases the person is forgiven soon. This
leaves A thinking.

Badi haveli

Dadi Sa (DS) is in the living room with Bhairav (B), Sumitra, Jagya
and Basant. DS tells them that before Ira returns they should invite
them home for food. Bhairav agrees and says that it will be good to
invite the whole family for food. B asks Sumi if she will be able to
manage everything alone. Sumi replies that in order to spend time with
her daughter she can manage anything. Ganga (G) then comes there telling
Sumi that she will help Sumi in all the cooking as soon as she returns
from the temple. She tells them that she wants to thank God by offering
him something since her kid is back with her. DS asks her what she plans
to offer. G shows DS a pair of her earrings which she plans to offer.
Seeing that everyone feels sorry for G. DS sees G’s bear ears and
realizes that it is the earring she wore daily. G sees DS looking at her
ears and says that it is real gold and hence its not a bad offering. DS
says that she is concerned because that’s the only ornament G possess. G
replies that the value of the earrings are nothing is front of her baby
and if it were in her capacity she would have offered many more. Jagya
(J) tells G that he will drop her at the temple. But G refuses to which J
asks her if she is scared to ride on the bike. G replies that she is
not. So J tells her that he will drop her and in the bargain also pray. G
agrees and they leave. J starts the bike but G is hesitant to sit on it
due to Mannu. J tells her that he will drive carefully and tells her to
keep Mannu between the two of them.

Circuit House

DS calls the home when Daddu answers the phone saying his name
(initials PK, PK sounds like the word for drinking in hindi ). DS
angrily shouts asking him if why he was drunk since morning? Daddu
realizes that it was DS and identifies himself to her. DS looks sheepish
and greets him. The rest of the family in badi haveli look embarrassed.
She apologizes after which Daddu tells her that he, Alok and Mahi
reached that morning after hearing the good news. A and S who were
sitting around get worried that Daddu will reveal the news. A indicates
to S to prevent Daddu from revealing the news. DS inquires what the news
was about. Before Daddu could reveal, S snatches the phone from him and
talks to DS. Meenu and Sachi also come there. S makes and excuse that
hearing about A’s bravery, the family paid them a visit. DS is happy
that the whole family is around and invites them for food. S agrees and
disconnects. S tells the rest of the family that Ds has invited them for
dinner. Sachi asks S why he did not tell them about the transfer? S
replies that he could not gather courage to reveal the news to them
since only the previous day they were discussing about educating the
whole district. The transfer news may come across as a shock to
them.Daddu tells S that he should reveal it as soon as possible since
there are not many days left. Meenu also agrees saying that it is not a
small news and that they need to be told about it soon since the whole
of Jaitser will know about it. At that time they may complaint that they
were the last to know. A agrees and says that S should inform the
family about this. S agrees to tell them about it during dinner.

A sensitive person exhibits a high level of intellect and hence tries to prevent hurting others feelings through his actions.

S telling himself that A is very angry with him and he is trying to find
a way to make her forgive him. He pulls out a button from his shirt and
asks A to stitch it. A starts stitching it when he hesitatingly tells
her that he should have never hid the news from her and then asks her if
she has forgiven him…..

Credit: DTB

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