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I don't connect to masala films: Raj Kumar

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I don't connect to masala films: Raj Kumar

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-29, 17:06

I don't connect to masala films: Raj Kumar

A rising career graph and recognition on the street, Raj Kumar seems to have it all

Why have you dropped Yadav from your name? Were you advised by an astrologer? 

It was actually too long a name so I dropped the surname. No, I didn't go to any astrologer and I don't go to them for advice or predictions. Actually, I don't want to know about the future.

Were you aware of Shahid Ansari before you signed on Shahid?

 Honestly, I was not aware of the details. All I knew was that he was a lawyer who was shot dead. But when I heard the narration from Hansal Mehta (director), I told him that I want to play the role.

Your choice of films can be called picky despite you not having a godfather in Bollywood? 

When I came to Mumbai, it was the usual struggle that is everybody's lot. I don't want to be a part of masala movies as I don't connect to them. The day I do, I will start signing them.

Did Kai Po Che change things for you?

I now have the luxury of choosing projects that I like. People on the streets now recognise me and know me by my name.

The industry now has a new crop of actors who are redefining the prototype of the hero. Your take on it... 

Heroes are larger than life characters and I don't have an affinity for the popular concept of the hero. Even when Shah Rukh Khan entered the industry he picked up films that redefined the typical hero. At the end of the day, I want to be known as a versatile actor.

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