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Qubool Hai Written Update 29Oct13 "The Sautan,The Kotheywaali & The Poison"

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Qubool Hai Written Update 29Oct13 "The Sautan,The Kotheywaali & The Poison"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-10-29, 21:44

Episode begins with Razia forbidding Ayaan from drinking the juice as she had seen Zoya mixing something into the drink .. Every one is shocked and refuse to believe her ...
Razia recounts all ayaan's accidents, claiming her to be the one behind all his accidents ..
Razia claims that Zoya was in love with Asad and considered Ayaan as her kadmon ki badi ..she felt herself shackled to him and wanted to get rid of him ...
Badi bi scolds Razia that she was the one to do all this .. Badi bi  tells Razia  that there was no poison in the drink but the poison in their lives was Razia herself ..

Zoya offers to drink the juice by drinking it herself .. But ayaan stops her and offers to drink it herself to prove Zoya innocent ...
Ayaan drinks it .. And soon feels discomfort .. He starts coughing and falls unconscious ...holding his stomach ..and chest .. .. Just then ayaan wakes up and tells them that he was acting

He gets up hale and hearty ...
The family is so relieved .. He speaks in favour of Zoya and Razia is shocked ...
She wonders what happened to the poison she had mixed into the drink herself !!

Badi bi apologises to Zoya .. For having to hear all this ... Shireen too apologises for doubting her intensions 

Ayaan reaches his room and the poison begins to take its toll on Ayaan and he falls unconscious to the bed . 

Zoya comes there and thinks Ayaan  was asleep .. She tries to wake him up .. Bit soon realises he was unconscious and was suffering from poisoning / effects of the juice .. Zoya proceeds to call the doc but Ayaan gives her kasam of his bhai jaan and forbids her from calling the doc 

Ayaan plans to vomit out the poison . While Zoya panics and runs to get salt water to aid him in vomiting ...

As Zoya is taking the hot salt water to their room Razia spies on her and does not want to lose the chance to expose her before the entire family 

At Imran's house 
Najma is calling her mom and is amazed that her MIL who was so stingy she never wven fiven her money for a rickshaw was sending them to london ..  
Haseena comes to her room and is happy to watch them packing .. She shares with her close friend that her DILs did not have any inkling what disaster was waiting to meet them on their honey moon ..
While packing warm clothes nikhat discovers a ghungroo in his pocket . She is very worried and thinks the worst of him .

Farhan tells nikhat that he is too busy to go on the honey moon trip as thay were still strangers and they should give each other more time ti get familiar ..
He tells her to go to the trip alone or they could go later on .. Nikhat is lost in thought ..
Farhan asks her again . She shows him the ghungroo and farhaan recalls the kothey waali whose dance he was enjoying and wonders if nikhat was suspecting him of cheating on her ..

Asad is in his office he is surprised to see Tanveer there .. His colleagues/ workers /subbordinates thank Tanveer for the wedding invitation and tell her that they would be there  surely ....
Asad confronts Tanveer about her new plans or her  joke about her  wedding ..
Je reiterates that he was not ready to marry her at any cost ...
Tanveer tells him she was marrying Imran
Tanveer replies happily the so what if she could bot manage to become najma's bhabhi she could surely become her sautan
Asad is shocked to read the wedding card with Imran and Tanveer's names  on it
Precap ... Tanveer tells Asad that she was giving him 24 hrs to decide if he wanted her doli to reach his house as his biwi or to his sister's house as her sautan !...

At Ayaan's house the entire family gathers at the door of Ayaan's room and are amazed at the sight they see !!

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