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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 30 October 2013

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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 30 October 2013

Post by slmu on 2013-10-30, 20:23

Sasural Simar Ka 30th October 2013 Written Episode

scene 1
Meghna is asking Roli about merging the business. She says that you can take your time. Mausi ji says that madam prefer merging business with realtives. MEghans asy that i thought you have no relatives. Mausi ji say that we can make new relatives. Dewaan group has proposed madam for wedding along with business deal . Roli say tina is right. Mausi ji says that she think before finalizing any deal.

Scene 2
Sid goes to a house which is all in dark he opens the dorr he finds it strange. H can’t find anyone there he asks is there anyone one here? He finds a woman whose back is on his side. He says is this obroye manson? He says that i am being worried since so long is this a house or dead house. Tell soniya madam that sid has come to meet her. Sudeenly lights turn on and she turns towards sid.

Scene 3
Meghna says that i hope you liked the dinner attul gives them drink soniya says no thanks. Meghna says that we should do this more often. Roli says one meeting is nought to know a person. she asks mausi ji to go. Meghna says what is this way to talk to guests? He says you just asked me to stay. I did all acting i could. Now i am done with you business deals. he leaves.

Scene 4
Sid says sorry to her and says i thought someone is doing this deliberately. She says its okay. this wheel chair is not my permanent partner. I had an accident so my doctor gave it to me for a limited time she says you know this all happens. sid says i like your spirit.

Simar says to janvi that you should not spend your tears on someone who doesn’t care about you. simar says that you have to forget this all. janvi says how? sh shows her wedding locket to simar and says this my permanent relation with him.

Attul says to meghna that our plan has failed. she says that i get whan i want my hook or by crook.

janvi and simara re worried about mausi ji. suddenly she comes in along with roli. they are really startled to see roli with her. she says that i went with her too. they tell them all what happened at the dinner in short.

Scene 5
Meghna is thinking about what tina said she says no matter what happens i will make her daughter in law of this house.

Roli is waiting for sid. She says its 11 o’clock he should have comes he is not even receiving the call.

The lady says to sid that i have always got deceiving from others thats why i stay wawy from media. Sid says that its strange no one knows ypu face when you so rich. She says yes the silence of this house must have told you that i don’t like meeting anyone. She says i don’t trust anyone. I have a lot of haters one did a lot of fatal atacks on me 2 times i was safe and third time this happened. she is sitting on wheel chair. Sid asks didn’t police find anyone? She says search is still on. She says that i want someone trustworthy and prem is my old friend. He suggested me your name. Then i thought i can trust you too. Sid says that i hope i won’t disappoint you.

Scene 6
Meghna tells attul thats he is planning to get shaureya and soniya married they will become partners automatically. She says i want to meetu her tomorrow. i will asks shaureya he won’t syas no to me. I will make him agree.

Precap- Sid says to roli that his new boss is bit interseing character. She is just a simple girl in looks but she is weird. Roli asks her name? He is about to tell when his phone rings. He says yes soniya madam.


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