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Qubool Hai Written Update 30Oct13 " Humeira orders Zoya OUTT !!"

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Qubool Hai Written Update 30Oct13 " Humeira orders Zoya OUTT !!"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-10-30, 21:11

The opening scene of today's episode .... shows us Ayaan drinking the salty water brought by Zoya and is puking in the washroom ....
He stands under the shower and Zoya is assists him .. she wants to call the doc but he stops her ... He puts his finger into his throat and tryies to vomit .....

Razia brings Shireen to Aayan's room ...wishing to show her the affects of poisoning on Ayaan ....

Zoya wants to call the doc but Ayaan again stops her .... finally the poison takes its toll on him ... Ayaan faints over Zoya...  .. 

And zoya finds herself supporting an unconscious Ayaan under the shower ..
Razia and Shireen are surprised to peer into tje room on ayaan and find zoya and ayaan standing under the shower in eachother's arms ..

Shireen is disgusted  with Razia for making her peep into the life of her own beti bahu ..... And it was sharmindagi wala wakya .. ..Shireen is very happy that Ayaan n Zoya were so close .. She is thrilled to see they might be faling for each other .. She tells razia that theor nukah might have occerred under strange circunstamces but now things were changing for the better between her bati bahu . She thanks her allah
In her room humeira is heart broken thinking about the close Ayaan Zoya hug under the shower ... Sad song plays bringing out humeira's hurt ...
She accidentally breaks the love locket given to her by ayaan ..
She confronts Ayaan

At Asad's office ..
Tanveer shows Asad the card with the names of Tanveer and Imran written on it .. Tanveer weds Imran

Asad is furious and disgusted with her he tries to throw her out then she reveals to him that the actual father of her unborn child was Imran  but she was in love only with Asad .. Her Jammy ..
But she had to think of her child and she could bot wait any more so she was in hurry to find a father for her child ..

She shows him another card where it was written tanveer weds Asad Ahmen khan ..
Else where tanveer tells asad that he should decide whether her doli should go to his house as his biwi or to his sisters houseas her sautan ..
She gives him one day's time to decide ... Other wise she would marry imran

At Imran's house ..
Nikhat and Najma, farhaan, Imran ...  are preparing to leave for their honey moon but are shocked when Haseena informs them that there was no need to catch the flight but could go in their own car !!
Haseena hands them their honey moon bookings ...
With great difficulty and hesitation Farhaan agrees to go for the honey moon ..

They are shocked to learn they were not going to London but to Panchmari ... To Hotel London .. Even Haseena herself had gone there for her own honey moon

In their room Farhaan asks Nikhat about the ghungroos .. Nikhat assures him that she would wIt for him to tell her the truth ....

At Ayaan's  house

After recovering from the effects of poison .. Ayaan tells zoya that he k ew his mumani had mixed poison in that juice for he knew mumani was trying to accuse her of poisoning .. He had to be responsible for her safety .. He had to do it for His bhai jaan he owed it to him .. Zoya is so impressed with his friendship .. They hug friends .. But right then humeira enters their room ..
She confronts Ayaan ... Ayaan tries to explain the situation .. But humzie is in no mood to hears a word in favour of zoya ...and orders him to tell zoya to leave the house immediately ..

Precap ... Zoya assures Humeira that she was ready to leave the house immediately .
Tanveer is with the elders of the community and tells them that she had been promised of marriage and then deserted after making her pregnant ..

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