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Review of Qubool Hai – 4–9 –13

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Review of Qubool Hai – 4–9 –13

Post by Maria J on 2013-11-05, 15:29

Review – 4–9 –13
Asad’s demand to take Zoya back was met with resistance from Maulvi, Gafoor, Badi bi, Shireen and Rashid. For the first time probably Razia was mum as she got what she wanted. Zoya out of the house not only for Humeira but also for herself. Maulvi saab’s resistance were strong but not strong enough to prevent Zoya from leaving. Gafoor’s accusations were all a show for he wanted Zoya out for his daughter Humeira’s happiness. Badi bi resistance was just to see that Zoya was happy and not being forced. Shireen’s resistance was due to skewed thinking of what her son needs and wants.  Rashid’s resistance was just to ask for time due to the reporters..   Finally Asad took away Zoya and brightened his home and his life.

Rashid’s reply to Shireen when she asked him to stop Asad felt like he was saying about his own life. Gafoor stood aloof and unaffected when Zoya said about being an orphan. Seems like he is unaware that his wife Razia has caused lot of harm to her sautan and his other daughter. Would love to know more about his back story.

Zoya turned back once to see for the last time the house in which she spent the last few days. She saw the happiness in Ayan and Humeira’s faces and was happy. The eye lock between Ayan and Zoya was my favourite.

Humeira will now have to manaofy Ayan as he is miffed with her and is trying to avoid her. Ayan was bang on with the reporters. He seemed to be the only one who remembered the reporters.

I didn’t like how Asad didn’t even try to listen to Zoya wanted to say. Even when Badi bi wanted Zoya to say what she wanted he was tensed about what Zoya would say. It was as if he didn’t trust that Zoya wanted to come with him. 

Dilshaad and Zoya milap was nice too. 

Thank you for reading. Please do share your thoughts on the episode. I would love to read your comments. Even a TFS would mean a lot.

Maria J

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