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Deepika looks the best with me: Ranveer Singh

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Deepika looks the best with me: Ranveer Singh

Post by Tanthya on 2013-11-05, 15:50

The sizzling chemistry between Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, the lead pair of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Ram-Leela', is hard to miss. In a candid chat, the actors talk about what makes them tick as co-stars and friends.

How do you find each other as co-stars and friends?
Deepika: Be it as a friend or a co-star, Ranveer doesn't hold back in terms of support and enthusiasm. It is nice to see someone who is unapologetic about the way he is. He is refreshingly lovable.

Ranveer: As a co-star, Deepika is very focused, professional and disciplined. As a friend, she is someone you'd love to hang out with. She likes to let her hair down and have fun.

Were you both comfortable shooting the intimate scenes?
Deepika: As actors, we prepared and approached the intimate scenes like any other scene. There was no extra preparation or discussion.

Ranveer: I don't have any inhibitions in life, either as a person or as a performer, which works to my advantage. When you are doing a passionate love story, what drives the narrative forward is the palpable chemistry between the two lead characters. You don't have to gear yourself to make that happen... it's either there or not there.

How would you rate each other as actors?
Deepika: I'll give him nine on 10, so that he works one per cent extra (laughs).

Ranveer: Infinity!

Who does Deepika look the best with on screen?
Ranveer: Me!

And, who does Ranveer look good with?
Deepika: Arjun Kapoor!

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Re: Deepika looks the best with me: Ranveer Singh

Post by Maria J on 2013-11-05, 16:14

I liked Deepika best with Ranbir..

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