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SBS IPK EBP Segt 09Nov13 "Shlok Aastha wedding Hungama"

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SBS IPK EBP Segt 09Nov13 "Shlok Aastha wedding Hungama"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-11-09, 14:47

Written update ....

Voice over takes us to the sets of IPk EBP. Where the current track of Shlok Aastha wedding is being shot ....
VO says there has srisen some problems in the wedding .. Shaadi mein par gayi hain mushlikein !!....
Anajli has created lots of hungama ...

Rhe Kirloskar family reach the wedding venue very late ... The agnihotries are already there waiting for them and the moment Anjali spots aydyoot entering thru the gate with his hands overloaded with piles of gifts .. She explodes that this is the first wedding in the world where the groom has reached before the bride and since you are late this wedding stands cancelled ....

The kirloskars are shocked .. So is aaastha all dressed in her bridal finery ... Her parents too are in new clothes ....

Various scenes are shown .. Shlok is welcomed by Kalindi with traditional aarti and tilak

Then a scene of Kalindi and Anjali ... Do tilak of eachother ....

Then there is the offscreen segts where we see aastha doing her bridal make up . How the make up artist is painting her beautiful eyes the highlights of her beautiful face ...

Then lots of offscreen segts where the entire cast Agnihotries and Kirloskars are laughing together and sharing jokes together

Video update ...
Coming up ...

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Re: SBS IPK EBP Segt 09Nov13 "Shlok Aastha wedding Hungama"

Post by Tanthya on 2013-11-09, 16:00

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