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Quboo Hai Weely review(4th-8th Nov 2013)

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Quboo Hai Weely review(4th-8th Nov 2013)

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-11-09, 18:04

Qubool Hai Weekly review 4th -8th Nov 2013

Begging your pardons, Qubool haians for not being consistent with the weekly reviews.I had some glitches to clarify so do enjjjjjoy now!!!
Oooolala Asad returns to a house he claims never to step into to claim Zoya. He make his intention very clear and straight to the point. He wants Zoya back!!!! Shocking the Khan Khandaans, the Imaam and the media with his bold gesture.  Despite the logics and rights suggested by the Imaam as Zoya being Ayaan’s  Biwi, Asad claims…. “Zoya is only mine!!” Oyeee Hoyee any man make such a claim definitely puts “butteflies in the tummy”. Asad justifies himself by claiming that he sacrifice his love for Nikhaat and he has lost impatience! You are certainly Macho Asad Ahmad Khan!!! Whoo Hoo for the hero who isn’t weak to what people think nor cares for reputation when it came to love. What I loved most was that Zoya was given the choice to stay as Ayaan’s biwi or go with Asad. Everyone get pensive !Zoya gets emotional and explains that she’s and orphan and she has never seen her dad,since he left them after marriage. We know know Razia lied! Zoya is a legitimate child.
We saw how Siddiqui gets emotional with her word and this tenses razia.I thought the beans were going to be spilled !!!  Zoya makes her love,public. Asad tears up and rightfully so because it is the first time she has said it to him and in public!!!! Asad seems to glide across to Zoya to claim her as his own, Zoya was indeed submissive and  Ayaan and Badibhi give him encouragement. Asad removes his love from the house. When Rashid told Shirin to let the Jodi go and that should have happened long before I must wonder if he meant, himself rather than his son. Humeria and Razia are overjoyed! Humeria tries to speak to Ayaan,but he reprimands her for not trusting him,he walks away from her (most deserving).

Dilshaad and Zoya had an emotional reunion without words,she understands her bahu to be is back!!!!!! What I wished was that Zoya should have been given Talaaq before going with Asad making it publicly official!I guess the three gestures to Zoya by Ayaan was probably it. Another blopper Muslims donot light Deyas ….. I guess the producers wanted to show that Dilshaad’s darkness illuminated when the light of Zoya’s return.

Shrin has a war of words with Rashid concerning her son methinks she was thinkin about herself she should have realized that Ayaan was happy for the Jodi. Rashid thinks about their mistakes and voiced it much to Shirin’s despair…geez that woman is dumb! How could Rashid prefer her to Sophisticated Dilshaad…weakness of the flesh I guess. Everyone finally accepts and believed in the bond between except Shireen she feeds her hatred on Dilshaad! Such a Shallow woman! Asad and Zoya spends some make up time together,the ponytail sported by KSG was certainly a sexy look better than that mopsy hair style let’s hope he gets a hair cut now!

Humeria tries to pacify Ayaan with Razia’s encouragement ,she almost burn her hands with starlights and Ayaan resistance broke with his concern, they argue once again and then finally embraces her. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Haseena taunts poor Nikhaat about Ayaan’s marriage falling apart. Haseena then demands money since Farhaan’s job is not pulling enough monies. The audacity of that woman! Poor Nikhaat I wonder why she did not ask Farhaan about his job! Since when does Haseena owns all the household monies? Najma and Imran clear the   air between them and all is well!
Rashid and Dilshaad love story begins again when after Rashid gets into an accident Dilshaad is sent into another pit of depression. Rashid has sudden courage to claim he wants her back and he wants to reconcile with the family in Shireen’s presence, well she was asleep. Dilshaad is tormented and hangs up. Rashid is disturbed and he leaves to phone, Shireen awakes and was a smart one this time saw that it was Dilshaad he was conversing with on the phone.
HAPPY Birthday Happy BIRTHDAY ZOYA!! Asad plans for Zoya surprise Birthday, along with Ayaan’s help, Humeria and Noozrat’s assistance. The family is geared, Zoya is constantly on a seesaw with hopes of good wishes and nothing comes along. Asad torments her and he certainly enjoys teasing her.Poor thing I hope Zoya enjoys her surprise..I am sure we all curious to see what is is and how it turns out…stay tuned and keep smiling folks


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Re: Quboo Hai Weely review(4th-8th Nov 2013)

Post by Shesherkobita on 2013-11-09, 18:53

Thanks Zai for this wonderful review..... 

This week had some fun moments....

Not in favor of rashed Dilshad reunion..... Let bygone be bygone....

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Re: Quboo Hai Weely review(4th-8th Nov 2013)

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-11-11, 10:17

Wonderful post Zainab ... Loved reading the summary of the entire week ....

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Re: Quboo Hai Weely review(4th-8th Nov 2013)

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