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The Face-Off in Qubool Hai! – Asad-Zoya, Rashid-Raziya and Rashid-Dilshaad

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The Face-Off in Qubool Hai! – Asad-Zoya, Rashid-Raziya and Rashid-Dilshaad

Post by pollyanna on 2013-02-08, 19:22

Emotional Moment – Asad and Najma in Qubool Hai

Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) have a relationship that is underlined with misunderstanding and mistrust. Despite their war and one-upmanship, there lies a feeling,; feeling that is still undefined and unvoiced. Now their relationship has reached a new low. Asad in his rage and anxiety hit Zoya. Something a man should never do, even when provoked beyond limit. But, he has made the ultimate folly. How is this going to affect their relationship. Yes, on the face of it, it was to Asad what seemed like a lie and the man hates lies. However, did he try to find out the reason? No. He reacted. His emotions were on a precipice and he fell. How is Zoya going to take this? Is she going to understand why he hit her in an emotional state or is she going to demand a reparation? Is Asad going to find out the truth and feel contrite, yet again? Is he going to apologize to her? Is there a face-off we can envision between the two? Well, their relationship has hit yet another turbulence and one can only hope that they don’t crash mid-air. But for now, an imminent “fasten your seat belt” is anticipated. So, people hang in there, till this lands safely and of course, take-off again for the next phase in the journey called Qubool Hai.

The father son impasse

Now, we have more clue into what Rashid is going through. What earlier seemed like a man who wanted his cake and eat it too is a troubled man. He had taken some tough decisions 17 years back and held steadfast. Well, one is allowed to slip up once in a while and give in to emotions or is one? We as people have gone through the phase of “what ifs.” The phase where we relive the past just for a moment and every time Rashid (Vaquar Shaikh) has bumped into Dilshad (Shalini Kapoor), that has happened. Now, he is almost onto something. Something that might leave him in a bigger quandary. A time for more decisions. And what will he do if faced with them? Will he find out the mystery behind the doll? Will he be able to take a stance this time that perhaps will lead to more heart break? Again do we see a face-off between him and Dilshad in near future? One could say, “Million dollar question.”

The Formidable Duo

The villain of the piece of course is Raziya Begum (Alka Kaushal) who has masterminded a plot that is thicker than a pot of stew. She is a piece of work. And now she threatens Rashid with dire consequences should he think of finding his wings. Raziya’s husband is in cohorts with her. Mamujaan (Tej Sapru) as the kids calls him, has used Rashid to the hilt. Should Rashid find the doll that Dilshad has, will there be mayhem in Raziya’s life? Will all her plans go to naughts? Or will she device another way of clipping the wings that Rashid seeks? The ultimate face-off of course is eagerly anticipated by the audience and rightly so.

Qubool Hai has just opened up avenues for a viewer to explore possibilities. With so many questions, one can look forward to lot of drama spiced up with healthy dose of comic relief in form of Shireen Ahmed Khan (Shabnam Sayed). Shireen in her quirky way is lovable and worthy of our sympathy in being crushed between the devil and the deep sea. So, tune in Monday to Friday on Zee TV to watch the story unfold with more intrigue in Qubool Hai.

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Re: The Face-Off in Qubool Hai! – Asad-Zoya, Rashid-Raziya and Rashid-Dilshaad

Post by anurao66 on 2013-02-08, 20:03


Thanks for posting it. I was under the impression that the doll was broken. Dilshaad should tell Asad the truth about Rashid and then maybe both Asad and Zoya will uncover the secret affecting both of them.

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