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absence of mind in jalal

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absence of mind in jalal

Post by shreeya on 2013-11-13, 23:08

It seems to be wierd that jalal hasnt taken any step to find the reality about the sharbat that was given to jodha despite being experiencing the same in the case of ruku...during jashn and nor did resham disclosed anything about the same to mahamanga .......

How can he doubt the integrity of jodha though he cliams to be well aware of what rajputs can do for the sake of their integrity and pride .....
There is a need for jalal to give up his anger and start using some common sense and mind and proceed towards finding the real culprit..


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Re: absence of mind in jalal

Post by Maria J on 2013-11-14, 10:57

Well he is still furious on Jodha for having an affair and they have been busy recieving wishes and his normal duties.. Once things cool a bit and he gets time to think he'll surely think on those lines :)

Maria J

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