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Tellybuff interview: Gautam Rode

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Tellybuff interview: Gautam Rode

Post by pollyanna on 2013-03-15, 22:10

Gautam answered 10 questions......sounds very true and straight forward....loved it ♥

"I won’t be able to kiss Jennifer on screen : GautamRode"
Here is what our Saraswati Chandra has to say about his character, six pack abs and Jennifer Winget Grover

Q.1. Gautam, how important and necessary was Saraswati Chandra for you to be a part of?

A. Of course it was very important of me to be a part of Saraswati Chandra . Work has always been important for me.

Q.2. Making those six pack abs wereespecially for Saraswati Chandra and since you have worked hard onyour physic when will people get tosee you bare body?

A. I have always paid a lot of attention on my fitness, so this is not done for the show specifically .I have always been conscious about my physic and have pursued a diet schedule to maintain it.

Q.3. Were you the first choice of Sanjay leela Bhansali?

A. Well that’s what he says.

Q.4. What was the most tough phase of your acting carrier that you survived?

A. Well good times and bad times go hand in hand and everybody faces it.I did have bad times in my life but right now its a good phase for me and I am trying to make it the best time by putting efforts in Sarasvati Chandra butyes the thing which I have learned is to concentrate on present and stop thinking about future. As of now my agenda is to make Saraswati Chandra the No.1 show on television.

Q.5. Would you kiss Jennifer on screen if you are asked to do so , would you accept that?

A. No, I don’t think so that I ‘ll be able to do this.

Q.6. What was the biggest mistake of your life that you can accept now without any shame?

A. I didn’t take television seriously and that was a very big mistake. But yes now I have learned that it is not about the medium but about the work that you do. Now, I respect television. My perception for it has totally changed

Q. 7. The most nasty comment that u heard?

A. While getting feedback for my show.I have been asked by people, “Are you putting lipstick on you lips?” and I keep telling them that its natural.

Q.8. What If suddenly a big fan of yours bangs into you, how would he be greeted by Gautam Rode?

A. I don’t connect with the word, ‘FAN’. For me they all are my, ‘Admirers’. It’s because of them that I am here. It is because of them and for them that you are taking my interview. Definitely I’ll accept him/her wholeheartedly in whatever way he comes to meet me.

Q.9 . Casting couch has taken place in TV industry also what’s your takeon that. Have you ever had to face something like that?

A. I don’t believe in it so I really can’t comment on it. Moreover I believe in a long root rather than a short root. I believe in hard work.

Q.10. Wishes for…

A. All the best. Keep reading, keep suggesting us so that we can do betterwork n entertain you.

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Re: Tellybuff interview: Gautam Rode

Post by cheena007 on 2013-03-15, 22:44

very nice Interview pals ..thank you for sharing

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Re: Tellybuff interview: Gautam Rode

Post by archie_79 on 2013-03-16, 00:06

"I don’t connect with the word, ‘FAN’." *Sigh reminds me of someone* Embarassed

TFS Pals, nice interview.

BTW, the heading of this interview
"I won’t be able to kiss Jennifer on screen : GautamRode" had me

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Re: Tellybuff interview: Gautam Rode

Post by coolgal270 on 2013-03-16, 11:58

Thanks for sharing!!!


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Re: Tellybuff interview: Gautam Rode

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-03-16, 12:28

Pallu thanks for sharing......he seems honest....... :)

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Re: Tellybuff interview: Gautam Rode

Post by clarissasham on 2013-03-16, 13:44

i loved heading pallo he he :lol!:

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Re: Tellybuff interview: Gautam Rode

Post by Sponsored content Today at 06:31

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