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Qubool Hai WU - 15 March 2013

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Qubool Hai WU - 15 March 2013

Post by sarra0 on 2013-03-15, 22:35

haseena says she is awaiting for 1 crore which they will give to firoz to get rashid out of jail
dilshad comes with the money
both look at each other

dilshad gives 1 crore to haseena who greedily takes it
asad wondeing why Dilshad needed 1 crore
tanu asks him to check with the driver who says they have come to someone house in sterling apartments.
asad wonders why

haseena calls firoz and tells she got the money when asad comes and snatches her mobile and says he will not get the money
asad packs the money and tells dilshad to come as court case time is nearby and takes off dilshad forcibly

dilshad stops saying this money is mine i will do what i want
asad says ok u give then i will tell the court that you all bribed to get rashid out of jail then court will blame and punish rashid
dilshad and shireen look teary eyed
asad says i am just with the truth

asad says these people dont need our sympathy
dilshad looks helplessly at shireen and leaves crying
shireen is shattered

billo searching in trash finds the gudia and happy.
she checks the gudia when tanu snatches it from her
she remembers asad talking about it and checks for the recorder which plays some record and tanu realises this si the same gudia

shireen crying in front of unconscious badi bee saying we lost and rashid will go to jail.
rasia comes to console shireen who says bhaijaan didnt help him i am alone now…

rasia indirectly telling ayan that he could have saved his father(if he had agreed to marry humeira)
rasia says ayan is weak to stand upto ayan and has kept ayan under his grip
rasia trying to create differences between asad & ayan and says ayan always wants asad help cant do anything on his own and if ayan wants to help his dad than he shud decide now

tanu comes running to the house with gudia
billo follows her
asad & dilshad in car
tanu calls but dilshad phone silent
billo tries to take the doll
tanu stops her

zo najma coming in auto when its not working
tanu calls her but they cant hear
tanu says she got the doll…zo shocked
tanu says we shud get the doll to asad
zo asks her to wait
they see someones bike parked on the road and zoya najma steal it
all 3 on the bike

najma driving horribly
zo asks her to go fast
najma about to hit others
all 3 on the bike
najma says she is scared if the owner of the vehicle complains

asad tells dilshad her tears making him weak
dilshad says time will show who is right & wrong and asad is towards lie not truth
asad’s cae comes and stops at najma’s bike
they look at one another in shock
asad surprised seeing them
they show dilshad the gudia

dilshad happy relieved seeing it thanks god for helping her and tells asad that this dollwill prove rashid’s innocence
asad looks in confusion

rasia again trying to convince ayan to agree to marry humeira and gives him 30 mins to think says doesnt care for his dad, he is very selfish

zoya tries to play the record and asad hears the voice of rasia saying rashid after all this how will we save you, you killed some women.

precap – no precap

Credit - tulipdaisy - DTB

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Re: Qubool Hai WU - 15 March 2013

Post by anurao66 on 2013-03-17, 19:37


Thanks for the written update. I am sure Tanveer is a plant of Razia and has planted her in Dilshaad's house for the doll.It can be only Tanveer who changed the microchip.

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Re: Qubool Hai WU - 15 March 2013

Post by Shesherkobita on 2013-03-17, 21:23

I loved how the recording was changed... Didnt expect it...
I love the twists they show is QH.

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Re: Qubool Hai WU - 15 March 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-03-17, 21:36

Sarra......Thanks for the update dear.....lets see....whats in store for the "Mahasomvar" Wink

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Re: Qubool Hai WU - 15 March 2013

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