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Post by anurao66 on 2013-03-15, 22:57

Balika Vadhu 15th March 2013 Written Episode

Circuit House

The show begins from where it ended yesterday with Shiv (S) saying
sorry to Anandi (A) for hurting her and telling her that he will not
repeat his mistake again. He tells her that from here on she will be the
first to know all the news and he will not hide anything from her. S
then asks A if she is ready to come to Udaipur with him. He says that he
knows she told him that she would go to any corner of the world with
him but this is a big and important decision for her. A replies that it
will be a very difficult decision for her but she is more worried about
her family (the Singhs). They would not have imagined living away from
her but with time they will also adjust to the situation, since they
have to eventually do it. S then holds A’s cheek and tells her that when
they go for dinner to the Singh’s that night he will tell them about
the transfer. A holds S’s hand and looks satisfied.

Badi Haveli

Ganga (G) gives Gehena her medicines. Basant comes there to give her
her medicines but is happy to see that G has already done the job. G
tells Basant not to worry as she will take good care of Gehena. They
show Nandu playing with Mannu in the same room. Seeing them both play G
tells Gehena that when her new baby will be born Nandu will take good
care of the little one as he is a very sensible child. Dadi Sa (DS)
comes to the room saying that everyone in the house is sensible. DS
inquires about Gehena’s health and says that she is happy to see a smile
on her face.

Gehena tells DS that she feels much better and now even she can
participate in welcoming the Shekhars when they come for dinner. DS
doesn’t agree to which Gehena says that she is fed up of sitting in the
room all day and after meeting the Shekhars she will also feel better.
DS agress and asks her to be careful. DS asks G to get ready as the
Shekhars could arrive any moment. G goes to fetch Mannu when DS asks her
why she cannot leave Mannu alone for sometime? G replies that she
doesn,t want Mannu to disturb Gehena. To this DS says that she will take
care of Mannu. She has brought up Basant, Bhairon, Jagya and Nandu and
hence she can take care of Mannu too. Hence she saks G to get ready
while she plays with Mannu. G is happy to hear this and goes to get
ready. DS tells Mannu to let Nandu study while she will play with him.
Saying this she takes Mannu away. Basant and Gehena are happy seeing
that and Basant says that its been so long since they have seen such a
small kind in DS arms.

DS is shown playing with Mannu in the living room when the rest of
the family and Ganga (Singhs) reach there. They are happy to see DS play
with Mannu. Bhairav exclaims that DS looks 15-20 years younger than her
age. DS feels shy hearing this while A and the Shekhars (except Daddu)
arrive there with A telling Bhairav that he is right. The Singhs greet
the Shekhars. A hugs DS and tells her that she is looking very good and
according to her DS looks half her age. DS says that she looks young
only from the outside but running behind the kid has rattled her weak
bones. The families sit down when A carries Mannu. DS asks S why Daddu
did not come with them. Hearing this Daddu arrives there saying that he
cannot miss any opportunity to come to their house. He then presents a
bouquet of flowers to DS. DS happily accepts it. Daddu is about to sit
when DS asks him not to. Everyone is confused. DS goes behind the couch
and fetches a basket full of flowers and presents it to Daddu. She says
that its always Daddu who gives her flowers hence its also her duty to
reciprocate. Seeing this the family smirks. Daddu exclaims that its a
very big basket to which DS replies saying that all different flowers
are there- giving names of actresses like the way Daddu names his
flowers. Daddu thanks her but since the basket was very heavy he tells
Ds that she tested an army man’s strength today.

G serves some water to the Shekhars. A introduces her to the Shekhars
and G takes blessings from the elders. Meenu asks G if she is happy now
since she got her baby back? G smiles and then says that she is happy
to meet everyone. A then tells G that her face is lit up after Mannu
arrival. DS says that nothing has changed she still keeps calling out to
her kid and doesn’t not leave him alone for a minute. G and Sumi then
go to serve food. Ira says that she understands G’s situation, since
when a person finds their most priced possession which was lost, they
protect it more than their own life. Ds agrees and says that she cannot
imagine how G lived without her kid since DS would not be able to live
without seeing her grand kids and A’s face for even one day. DS talks
about how restless she was when Jagya (J) went to Mumbai. She says that
she told J that she no longer has the courage to bear separation from
her loved one. S and A look very concerned hearing this. The families
then proceed to the dinner table.

DS tells the Shekhars that next time they come they will get to eat
mangoes since this year the crop has reaped a good amount of fruits. The
village is very thankful to S since the canal has helped them bear
these fruits. She asks S if he will enjoy the fruit with them every day
once the season arrives. S agrees. DS then tells A that she should
include DS name too in her adult education project since she wants to
learn english. DS says that she knows a few words like handsome, sorry,
ok but she wants to learn more. A and the Shekhars look worried hearing

Bhairav asks A if she made the food. A says that she hasn’t to which B
says that the food tastes just like hers. DS tells them that G made the
food. Everyone appreciates the food and G feels happy but says that
Sumi also helped her in the cooking. Basant and J both agree that the
food tastes just like the way A cooks. J looks and G and smiles. A looks
at J and G smiling at eachother. Daddu then says that since A is now
part of their house, the Singhs got G in return. Sumi is not happy to
hear everyone comparing A and G’s food and says that when she tasted the
dal she thought that the spice was a little too much. G says sorry. A
then says that Daddu was right in saying that once she left G came to
the Singhs and hence she is no longer worried that she will be missed by
the Singhs. Seeing Sumi not happy A says that she means that the Singhs
will not miss her food. Sumi disagrees and says that they miss A as
well as her food a lot. The worried Shekhers look at each other
wondering how to reveal the news.

Voice over

The people who believe in the institution of a family focus on the
feelings of their relatives. Hence just the feeling of going away from
their family saddens them.

Precap Same precap as yesterday.

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