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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 16 November 2013

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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 16 November 2013

Post by slmu on 2013-11-16, 21:20

Surya asks Bharadwajs to leave and wedding will surely happen. Sonia comes rushing there and says this marriage can't happen. Everyone is shocked Suryaa and Meghna seeing Sonia and BharadWajs seeing new Roli's avatar Surya checks the bride and is shocked to find Janvi He tells her, I had warned qou not to come closer to me, then what did you come to take? Meghna is too surprised and asks Janvi how she can marry Surya like this by taking advantage of Sonia She goes on saging that Janvi and her famiq are no match to her and Sonia's status She asks Janvi to apologise and leave. Janvi says, I won't go anywhere todag Meghna says until now I was talking politely because of all the guests here, but seems like you and your family don't deserve it.

Meghna tells Sonia, I am sure she threatened you and took your place and came to the mandap. Your one statement and she will be arrested. Surya says not only her, her whole family is involved in this plan Meghna tells Sonia not to be afraid from Bharadwajs as theg have no status in front of them.

Roli recalls her and Mousiji's conversation with Janvi when they asked her to concentrate on their plan and Janvi agreeing to that. Later when Roli goes out to clean her dress, Janvi is shown getting ready as the bride and saying, sorry Roli bhabh, but I will have to listen to my heart..

She then locks the room and leaves. Roli screams for the help, but no one is around Outside, marriage is going on Inside, Roli says she won't let Janvi do this mistake and tries to open the door. Surya and Janvi start the 5th phera and Roli somehow manages to open the door and rushes out

Meghna is disgusted at Janvi and her family's act Prem shouts at her, but Meghna shuts him up. She then tells Sonia that Janvi was behind Surya and he refused for the marriage, but she still ddn't go away from his life. Janvi says, don't lie.. I have married Surya already and that too with his choice, and today, here I am here to ask my rights. Surya says Janvi is lying and asks her why she is blaming him for no reason He grabs her hand and drags her outside. Sid and Prem come in their way and ask him to leave Janvi's hand. Sonia/Roli says Janvi won't go anywhere.

Meghna is surprised She tells Sonia not to stop Janvi and says bad about Janvi Before she says more, Sonia says, I know everything very well Meghan says, some people can go to any level for money and wealth and BharaaWajs is one of those families Meghna continues insulting Bharodwajs. Roli can't take it anymore and she shouts, enough! You won't sag a single word more now because I am also part of this family. Meghna and Surya are shocked!

Roli continues, I am not Sonia Oberoi, I am Roli Bharadwaj, Janvis bhabhi. We dd this drama so your truth can come out in front of everyone. The world should know as well what your Surya did with Janvi He first pretended to be loving her, then married her, and then left her alone to cry for rest of her life. I wanted Surya to confess all these, but on last moment, Janvi changed her mind and came to the mandap

Meghna says, what a plan! But you forgot that you're up against Meghna And whose name you used? Sonia Oberoi? now watch, You all will have to spend rest of your lives in jal. Sid says, Sonia Oberoi is not like you. She has got a good heart and she is my boss. Prem continues, and my friend. Minister asks Meghna whats going on? Meghna calls Janvi characterless and puts blame on her. Sid gets angry Sound grabs his collar and asks how dare you? Sid also grabs his collar. Prem tries to stop their fight Meghna calls the security, but Netaj screams and sags don't dare to touch any of us. Security moves back

Mataji, tells the minister that they always choose the right a way and its Meghna and Surya who choose the wrong way

She then says whatever they did today was wrong, but it was only option for Janvi to get justice. Surya says, what crap? and asks them to leave. Janvi plugs the recorded confession of Surya The minister says that means Bharadwajs are right and he never expected this from Meghna The minister and all guests start lecturing Surya. Sound says they are Iying. they are trying to trap me. The minister says, how much more you will lie? We are not that foolish. He then says, you can get money in heritage, but not respect. You have to earn respect with hard work, honesty. You tried to do bad with this girl and family but what happened in end? Surya says, but CM sir. Before he says anything more, Meghna slaps him

Precap Simar demands for Janvi and Surya's divorce in front of everyone so Janvi can forget the past and move on in her life. However, Janvi seems sad


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