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Jo's latest punch

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Jo's latest punch

Post by sandhya on 2013-11-16, 22:42

Jodha has had so many oft repeated punch dialogues in the serial that she could even challenge Superstar.

The latest is "Moorchith hone ka anuchit laabh"(must have uttered it atleast two dozen times so far)

It began with "Jalal ka sar"

Followed by the infamous "Ghrina karte hain"(25,789 times????)

Then came "Nirdosh pashu pakshi"

And then "Tede shabd, tedi soch"

And then "Vachan kyun thoda?"(Wonder when any vachan to the effect as stated by Jo was ever made! Which episode and when?)

And "Moorchit ...." is the latest.

All this between big long long speeches!

(Have I left out anything?)

By the way where is ManSingh? Never seen in times of need. Declared to give Buasa's saath whenever she is sad(Thats what he said when he barged into the harem). Jo's pocket edition seems to be just like his buasa so far. Speaks and speaks and hardly does anything.

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