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Diya aur Baati Hum - Written Update - 18 November 2013

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Diya aur Baati Hum - Written Update - 18 November 2013

Post by slmu on 2013-11-18, 21:31

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th November 2013 Written Episode

epi starts with sandy handing over a list and sandy sandy saying it cant be got from book shop
sandy says its for make up and its got only in shops meant for it
suraj says she doesnt need those as she is already beautiful
sandy says she knows
suraj asks whats special
sandy says he will know by evening
cute bhasan scene
sandy asks bhabho to get ready for wed anniv(WA)
sany says she wont allow bhabho to do any work unless she agrees
sandy is holding bhabho’s hands and the ghee on the stove is going to burn
bhabho calls meena and says to handle ghee
meena says she doesnt know
she runs saying kanha is crying
sandy asks bhabho to agree
bhabho says not to talk in english
chaturi too supports sandy
bhabho calls emily to handle ghee
emiy says pari is crying and runs
sandy tells she wont lleave her hands unless she agrees
bhabho calls chavi
she says she got a call from US and dilip
bhabho finally agreess as her ghee is burning
sandy offs the stove and takes bhabho to make up
bhbho finds all the three monkeys(CME) standing near the ktichen and says that all made excuses to escape from handling the ghee
suraj brings all the items and says she forgot to add bindi packet as its suits her
suraj says to get ready sandy says him to leavve but suraj is not ready to move
and he finally agrees to go
emily is doing the MU and sandy is handling pari
bhabho is looking damn gorgeous
suraj is wondering how could sandy get changed like this and its nice change as well
he says he too will surprise her
bhabho scolds sandy for giving hot milk and says to make it cool and then give to pari

emily says bhabhho to keep quiet
bhabho is shocked she says she has to put lipstick
meena and chavi help her and sandy is taking care of pari
meena says not to wonder its bhabho herself in the mirror
sandy says one more thing is left and bhabho has to wish bhabhasa wed anniv
meena teaches bhabho to wish
everyone pressurises her and she agrees
and rehearsals for it
meena says looks like she is taunting bhabhasa in the form of wish
meena says to think of suraj’s rabdi and tell it sweetly and bhabho does it cutely

everyone lights the aangan with lamps including vik
chaturi says bhabhasa has arrived and they all leave and ask bhabho to wish without fail
she puts the ghoonghat and switches the lights off
bhbho prays
suraj is surprised tosee the aangan lit and and sandy ( bhabho) seated

precap: suraj comes with a gift and vik says its suraj bhaiyya suraj nears sandy( bhabho)


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