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Qubool Hai Written Update 20Nov13 .. "Dilshaad's decision upsets Asad n Shireen"

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Qubool Hai Written Update 20Nov13 .. "Dilshaad's decision upsets Asad n Shireen"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-11-20, 19:51

....Rashid tells Shireen that he wants to tell her something but she might not like it. He reminds her that he had told her that someone will be shifting here , Shireen assumes its Hyder Khan and tells she has no issues and since he wants to live life on his terms she is with him. She tells him that Razia has told her he meets Dilshaad , she confesses she feels bad ..... but Dilshaad has saved his life and he is important for her and Allah has given her another chance to keep him happy. Shireen  hugs him when she is talking and Rashid asks her that what if Dilshad moves in with them. Shireen is shocked.

In Ayaan's house ...Rashid is convincing Shireen , he tells her he tried a lot to love only her. He says that its a lie and his identity is in two pieces . Shireen is crying and he says he wants both in his life that he loves her but the truth is he loves Dilshaad as well... he wants Shireen to give some place to Dilshaad and Shireen asks when will he be getting her and Rashid answers really soon. Shireen is dejected.

In Panchgani ...Haseena tells Nikhat to get dressed in Nazma's bathroom as her bathroom is occupied by Farhan . Haseena insists and slyly takes her dupatatta , once Nikhat goes in she locks the door from outside and is very happy. Imran is in the bathroom in a vest and they both are shocked ,they try to open the door but are unsuccessful. 

Nikhat and Imran are banging the door screaming for help. Haseena comes with Nazma and asks Nikhat if she took bath or not she slyly opens the door unnoticed and Nikhat comes out . Nazma is shocked to see Imran as well.Haseena talks inappropriately about them and Nikhat says that she was the one who asked her to take bath. Imran is furious and Nazma runs away. Haseena is happy that the sisters relation will get sour. Imran comes to Nazma and explains that nothing happened. She says she trusts him and even Nikhat but what all is happening is making her wonder as there was a time Nikhat wanted to marry him. Imran tells her Nikhat is her sister . Nikhat overhears this.

Asad and Zoya are playing chess and fighting cutely Dilshad sees this and is tensed Zoya has gone to make coffee she comes and tells Asad about Rashid being sick and that she does not want to leave him alone , he says he will make sure he gets flowers. Dilshaad says Rashid wants.. Before she can finish Rashid comes and says he wants to live together. Asad and Dishaad both are shocked. Rashid says he knew Dilshaad could never tell him. Asad is furious and says that if its a mistake its disgusting , Rashid says he wants to correct his mistakes Asad counters the time passed long away. Rashid calls him beat and he gets really angry , Rashid wants to talk Zoya wants him to listen but Asad is adamant and wants him to get lost.Rashid says he is giving him no choice and if he likes it or not Dilshad will stay with him. Both of them are stubborn and Asad asks him not to act as if it his right. Rashid tells him Dilshad is his wife and Asad holds his collar .Zoya and Dishad want him to leave but Asad does not relent.

PRECAP: Dishaad tells Asad she wants to live with Rashid he is shocked. Haseena is telling Najma that Nikhat has wronged her in a party in front of everyone and that she has to decide the punishment. Nikhat is standing like a statue and Najma comes near her....credits to Eris

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