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DABH - WU 15 Mar '13

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DABH - WU 15 Mar '13

Post by slmu on 2013-03-16, 13:38

Credit: DesiTVbox

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th March 2013 Written Update by b2011

Meena is shocked to see the dark doll and other ladies laugh. Bhabho displeased. One of them explains Meena that a mother should not be worried on the color of the baby as however the child looks, it is the most beautiful for its mother. All the ladies leave and Bhabho thanks them for making it a grand function. Daisa tells it would have been more grand if it was in her house. Rathis smirk saying let it be the next time. Dilip also takes leave. Chavvi wants to drop him to bus stop and asks Bhabho’s permission. Bhabho is angry for her behavior and is hesitating. Dilip asks whether she does not trust him and asks her to trust and send Chavvi with him and still if she is not willing, then it is okay. Bhabho says she trusts him but parents are always worried for their kids and permits Chavvi to go but return in half an hour.

Once all have left, Bhabho asks everyone to arrange things. Mohit hurts his hand while carrying a stool and Emily who was just leaving comes running and scolds him for not being careful. Mohit is hesitating but Emily is holding his hand. Bhabho comes there and scolds Emily to leave his hand. She is very angry and scolds Emily for touching her son, that she was observing Emily for a while and understands such cheap acts of girls like her. Emily is hurt and Bhabho goes on to scold Emily for becoming an unmarried mother, shameless and confronting her parents after such a shameful act. Meena and others are shocked to know Emily is pregnant. Suraj tries to stop Bhabho but she does not. Emily could not take it anymore and she closes the main door and locks it. She comes to Bhabho and asks her to stop insulting Emily and says that she was listening quietly all this while when Bhabho was insulting her, her parents, her character but now she cannot take it anymore. She tells it is her son who is responsible for her situation and points towards Mohit. All are shocked. SurYa ask Mohit to tell the truth. Mohit says she is lying. Emily says to Bhabho that she is fighting for her relationship while Mohit is scared and backing out. Bhabho might have called her characterless but she is carrying the vaaris of their family. She will fight for her rights and do not bother whether they accept her or not. Meena blurts out that she thought Mohit and Emily are just friends but could not believe Mohit is the father of Emily’s child. Vikram gets angry and asks her if she knows everything, then why did not she inform anyone. Meena realizes her mistake and tries to manage it saying that she just saw them together once and thought they are friends or coworkers and does not know anything else.

Sandhya asks Mohit about it and says she saw Emily and her boyfriend talking during annual day celebrations and could not see his face but his watch was similar to one Mohit is wearing. Mohit mocks her saying he is not the only person wearing this watch and how could she blame him. He goes to Suraj and again says Emily is lying and Emily taunts him saying she did not know he was such a coward. She seeks Sandhya and Suraj’s support but they remain silent. Mohit asks Suraj whether he believes his own brother or an outside girl. Emily tells she should not be surprised as they won’t go against their family even if a girl’s life is at stake. Sandhya goes to Mohit and requests him and before she could complete, Bhabho stops her to not talk and asks everyone to go and get ready for holi pooja. Emily is hurt and leaves the house.

Emily is walking on the streets troubled and having flashbacks of Mohit and her during Christmas party and when he warns her to not reveal their relationship to Sandhya, her parents scolding her, etc.

Bhabho preparing pooja thali. She is disturbed and has flashes of what Emily told and is about to mix haldi and kumkum together when Meena notices this and stops Bhabho. She offers help and asks Bhabho not to worry as she has given the best sanskaar to her children and reminds about Chavvi taking permission to go with her fiance. Bhabho remembers she has not returned yet and Meena pours oil saying hopes everything is right.

Precap: Bhabhasa sad and confused about Momli issue. Bhabho tells him to relax and believe Mohit’s words. Bhabhasa asks her whether she believes Mohit as he has lied to them before to save himself.

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Re: DABH - WU 15 Mar '13

Post by Maria J on 2013-03-16, 16:30

Thanks for WU

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