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Coming week will be wedding week of Suraj-Sandhya

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Coming week will be wedding week of Suraj-Sandhya

Post by Tinkerbell on 2013-11-23, 00:35

This week watch as Sooraj and Sandhya reach the dharamshala with bhabho and babasa. Sandhya keeps insisting Sooraj to tell bhabho about the marriage. Sooraj however cannot gather courage to do so.

Sandhya then celebrates haldi and mehendi with Sooraj without the knowledge or consent of babasa or bhabho. Major romance will ensue at this point.

Meanwhile the spat between Meena and Emily continues over the new shop. Emily then with the help of Mohit trap Meena and Vikram in their room to teach them a lesson.

Finally Sandhya's wedding day will be here and she will leave with Chaturi for the mandir, leaving the onus of bringing babasa and bhabho on Sooraj. Sooraj will somehow convince them to come to the mandir without revealing the real reason.

Bhabho reprimands them for taking the rituals lightly. But after she hears Sandhya's intentions she too agrees.

Sooraj and Sandhya marry again in the kul devi mandir and this time Sandhya takes all the vows which she hadn’t taken last time.


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