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My thoughts on RamLeela Movie

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My thoughts on RamLeela Movie

Post by pollyanna on 2013-11-24, 20:44

#Ishaqzaade+Asian Paints = #Ramleela !!!
SLB: Why make Shakespeare turn in his grave when all u wanted is to become a member of 100 crore club??
If Romeo-Juliet, the classic was the focal point, I preferred QSQT version as it comes close to the novel in all aspects--love, longing, romance in the backdrop of age old clan rivalry. Oh, I forgot, I belong to old school of thought. Where as the current cinematic experience is no longer to be felt but should hit u on your face with its over the top histrionics.
In a nutshell, SLB used two pupils(with hot sizzling chemistry which could be seamlessly translated on-screen too) to tell the story of "the birds and the bees" in the blackboard jungle.
Barring few shots which were brilliant conceptually, I wont shy away from saying that SLB has disappointed big time for the craft that he is known for--storytelling, music, dialogues, character sketch and screenplay. Deepika is a misfit (she cant carry convincingly the village belle role uttering double entendre sentences), Ranveer is at his best in being chhichhora which he has been doing since the time he stepped into BW.

On second thoughts,on a gloomy, rainy Sunday morning, if you are keen to watch Deepika's chance pe dance, Ranveer's mauke pe chauka, SLB's mid-life crisis symptoms then Go for IT!!!

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