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Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

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Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by HamiSky on 2013-11-30, 20:05

Firstly, this isn't exactly my story...
Sort of a copy cat work...adapted goes to Ramani Chandran,,,


Part 1

Hearing what her sister just said, Astha was shocked n her already big eyes widened more...
How she could she? Coming from such a family, brought up with such values, how could she even think of she has prepared herself to go ahead...!

Arushi,her sister, had always wanted richness..." there are so many nice things di...lot more has ome too than we hav known before...lwhy were we deprived of all that luxury, richness, happiness...all in one go...all of a sudden...I want them...I know we can't have our parents back..but these stuff...I want"

Astha used to console her.." baby...don't worry much, we will get there soon, we are educated, both it's all going to be alright"...further adds.." ndont forget, contentment is in itself a wealth"

" nah di...I am not asking for those expensive designer wear n those trendy fashion jewelleru or those smart gadgets...but at least a few good dresses...good decent pieces of jewellery, a mobile connection which I can use to my fullest n can afford those bills..."

Such convos between the sisters ends with the younger one playing a little prank or a joke..she brings her naughty side to get over the dullness. she joking now too...just a prank to panic me and have a laugh? Astha thought and looked at her sister..but alas! She had a firm face with a forced grin...
No doubt she was asserting her point and not gonna backtrack, but her grin had a tinge of sadness...pratigya did not fail to notice this! But this sadness will stop her fom stooping so low?

" going on this trip with boss is non stoppable...I have decided to go..n I will go..think of the money...don't keep such long faces..n give lengthy advices...just pls di..enuf...pls..."

"money isn't everything Arushi...and this is for that computer course hai na..I will give you...just wait for a year...maximum, I will arrange it for you..wateva I for you n you know it"

"ohh di...again..I told u am going...n now don't start with our khandaan, sanskaar etc, they aren't gonna help me in anything...and I promise ..this SI the first n last time...I want this money..I will do the course...upon completion, I will be placed well n then I can live the way I want.. So don't upset urself over this"

"once...this just once will spoil ur entire life, jaanu..pls, and...and wat will ur Aman say...react for such a thing? Think...u r putting ur entire life at stake...think,,,think baby!...for heaven sake!"
" my Aman!"... Arushi smirked.."he has to understand...if he does it's ok..if not..well I don't care much!" again a grin...again with a tinge of sadness...

Astha was exhausted...gav a long sigh. Arushi went off to sleep.


End of part 1

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The Dawn of Love...part 2

Post by HamiSky on 2013-12-01, 21:42

Part 2

The elder one was umable to sleep and was lost in thoughts...their past...the rich n loving parents..their education..chow their mom was both loving n strict...taught them right conduct, behavior and one fatal accident took both of their parents' they were estranged at the age of. 16 n 15 respectively, lw they were looted off their property...

One good thing happened was their father made a few investments ...whose returns helpd the girls finish off their graduation. Though it did not help them to do wat they wanted..but till at least Astha completed her second year of  college, the money helped them for their Khaana, Peena Aur padhaai. With little monetary help from a very few friends left, she completed her degree and did not hesitate to take up the first job that came her way. She took care of Arushi's education, not just that...her sister became the existence of her living. With Arushi also getting into a job, they were able to pay off those debts and lead a simple and independent life.

Astha planned to do a corporate secretaryship course to boost her qualification levels, it's then when Arushi came up with her computer course idea which she imagined would land her in A job that would give her what she wants. Astha as always gave up her plans and supported her sister and both started saving the money. But despite a year's savings, they weren't able to save even half of the course fee. Arushi was already runnin gout of patience and was cribbing about it n now has chosen this cheap route to make money.

Pleasure trip with boss..Che...the Thot itself gave her a puking feeling..." foot"...Astha thought,,,."so wat he is rich..successful, stooping so low to take such a young innocent girl for his pleasures and spoiling her life!"

She prayed to help her save her sister from this horrendous venture. After a long thought process, decided to meet the originator of this plan n seek his help  To stop this trip.

-------- end of Part 2

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by HamiSky on 2013-12-01, 21:57

Part 3

Next morning, Astha woke up ..planning n rehearsing what n how she should approach her sister's MD to stop the trip. He should at least be in can tell him that she is like her daughter and can't do this...if he is really human..he for sure will concede..otherwise can threaten that she woulD inform  his wife about this ghatiya iraaden filled so called pleasure trip. He would be left with no option then.

Not giving a clue to hefr sister about the step she gonna take, she moved that little house with all the plans running in her mind. But Arushi guessed pretty easily that her di is upto something to foil the plans. She didnot much care about it though. She had made up her mind, she was sure nothing or no one could stop her.

Meeting him during office hours might invite arushi's attention, so Astha decided to execute her plans after office hours. So she took permission of an hour from her Office, reached Arushi's place around 5 pm and waited in a hiding till all the employees moved out. After making herself sure about the staff being out, she rushed into the office. She looked around to find MD's room. Ohh... There she found a door which was adorned with a elegantly decorated plate reading 'Managing Director'. When she was about to reach the door, she was stopped by a man who looked like an attendant.

"excuse me, madam. Anything I could do for you. But if you are here to meet anyone, am sorry, everyone has left already"
" here to meet your boss"
"ohh sorry madam, Shlok sir doesn't meet anyone at this hour. But by any chance, do you have any appointment fixed? "
" no..but I wanna meet him now..."
"nothing can be done now madam can meet him tomorrow 11 am..that's when he usually see visitors"
" ohh pls..understand..I need meet him now and it can't be delayed."

Saying this Astha was about to rush to the doors, just then the door of that MD room opened and " what's the noise here, Vinayak?"..asked a great manly voice.
Astha turned around only to get shocked to see a tall, dark, handsome young man in his late twenties. For a sec, she felt she lost all her hope...what wit that father- daughter talks...then?

Vinayak" sir, this madam is insisting on meeting you despite my reiterating that she cannot do so now"
"ohh.."The man ran a glance over her..a smile ran into his face automatically. 

"is the world gonna end by 11 am tomorrow?"he asked Astha..."hmm?"

"no, but tmrw morning I wouldn't bebable to come" said Astha trying hard to bring an expressionless voice n make an expressionless face.
Teasingly he said " what if I say that I won't meet u now?"
Astha looked upto him ...her mind was racing..she queued up all that she wanna say and God this man shouldn't leave without meeting her now...
Collecting all her thoughts, she looked into his eyes.."then you might really regret it later"..said she...what it really easy to spoil a young lady's life and stay peacefully thereafter? She thought.

"hmm hmm" now he had a wide smile...handing a key to the helper, he said" take out my car, run the Ac n stay there..I will be there in 5 minutes"..he moved away.

He gestured Astha to come in. After seating himself his chair, he asked her to sit in one of the chairs for visitors.

" so lemme also know about the impending danger that gonna loom over me at morning 11 o'clock tmrw."

Astha didnot know how and where to start n thus sat in silence. Losing his patience beyond a point, he said " listen, to tell who you are, why have you come etc, the time I give is 5 minutes. Don't think I can sit forever like this..allowing my car battery to drain"


End of part 3

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by rrekha on 2013-12-02, 10:32


I have read this story in tamil. I like this story.

Please do the updates regulary as it is already completed.

I love reading many RC novels. If you can portray arnav n khushi in lead roles then please write it so that many non tamil people can read her creations with their favorite Soap characters.



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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by HamiSky on 2013-12-02, 12:09

Thanks Rekha..this is just a start....will post 4th n 5th parts shortly.

For other works, what names u suggest? I mean other RC novels?

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by HamiSky on 2013-12-03, 23:11

Part 4

Battery draining? he is all set to ruin a girl's life...but concerned about car and battery...ohh he is no less than a demon...ohh .god you have made me sit before this devil and beg for my sister!" Astha thought. " have to win this save my save my fmaily's honour...I have to do for my parents!"

" I am Aruhis's sister".. Finally she spoke.
Except moving his left eyebrow up n then down, he literally gave no other response.
" pls listen, understand Mr."
" Shlok.."
" My sister is innocent,,she is young...she has somehow okayed to travel with u...but pls...for heaven sake cancel this trip"
"cancel the trip? Ahaan...wat next? Shut down my business too?"
"huh? No..I mean"
" I mean..what about the errands that I had planned during the trip?hmm?"
"do find someone else...not my sister..otherwise!"
"I wil complaint to the police"

A smile...a mocking one at that played in his face.."complain dat?" he asked teasingly.
Before she could explain..he continued," that my 21 year old sister is voluntarily traveling with her boss on a professional trip? Go ahead...but if the policemen see you differently, hope you wouldn't  blame me for that too!"
Astha reacted swiftly," this is not a professional trip!"
He shook his shoulders, indicating that it's upto her to take it as she likes.
" I will go to ur home...tell this all to your wife"
He now started laughing loudly, which left her astonished.
" I know I am smart...very much too..but even I can't idecide, find n marry a girl and keep her at my home so fast  that you go n complaint"

For a moment, Astha froze...wife thing was the biggest attack she had thought of..but now?he was still laughing." ur parents?" but his look n smirk stopped her even before she could start.

"you should be doing all this with your sister right? Reasoning, sympathizing,threatening..whatever!"
"if only she listens to me" her voice filled with such despair, broke.
"ur parents?"
" they are no more" when she said this,,she completely lost her control...thinking about how life could have been...if they were with them.
Tears rolled down her further crippled her..." no no...not Infront of this man..ohh God..pls!"

He waited till she calmed down...then directing at a door beside..."restroom" he said..

She got up...washed n wiped her face...came out n walked towards the door.

" so ur job is done?"

Astha stopped.."wat else?" she thought..but turned towards him.

" sit down..." he pointed to the chair she was sitting before. 
End of part 4

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by HamiSky on 2013-12-06, 00:17

Part 5


Not wanting to obey him, her eyes involuntarily glanced at the clock. Ohh...Their convo had lasted for ten minutes.

"If it's for me..i dont think twice to spend as much as it's fine...sit down!" Krishna said.
Astha bit her lips n sat down quietly.
Giving her an intense look, he asked " what was the urgent need for money now?"
" completing a computer course gonna rain currency notes, it seems" she replied with bitterness.
" I know arushi's salary. U seem to be earning too. Then u both did not plan for any savings?"
" we had to pay off a few debts. I too have some money but that's nt even half of what she wants"
"where do you work"...the enquiry went on and on and on...,her parents,,their end, their education.,,that this.
Hoping all this would end in a good way, she also replied him politely. But at one point she lost her patience, "ohh pls... why are you digging my history , now? For now, pls think of the issue, Arushi is young,,she has her whole life ahead of her...sympathize with her..pls spare her!"
"If I let her go today, tmrw someone else!"
Astha was alarmed.  " no don't come from such a family..nor we were brought with up wrong values.She is depressed.lvexed...pushed her to choose this way. And am sure, she couldn't have taken this decision so easily. Really such a decision is not just difficult..very painful too. Trust me pls! " she sounded as though she onna break down again. She will not try this again for sure, if she fails in this attempt."

"is it really good to stop trying before you get anything?"
"no sir , all that depends on the what you want..." she stopped abruptly realizing he is actually making fun of them," you seem to be mocking at us..our dignity, our honour.." she completed in a painful tone.

"hey no no...but I had my plans with her" Shlok replied hurriedly.
Guessing what were those plans, she felt crumpled in front of him, her face reddened and she closed n opened her eyes trying to check the emotions.
" but After hearing so much from you, I don't wanna refuse you completely"
Next instant , her face brightened." sir...u mean..u mean..thank you..thank you so much sir..." 
"hey just wait...hold on...u know what quite well known as the smart one in the business circle"
"so be it sir...I mean it makes no difference to me understood the issue and now my Arushi is safe... That's more than enuf for me..and thanks again"
"I said wait...let me finish what I intend to I said am a businessman n no business is done without no exemption to that..when I am giving smth, I must get smth too" saying in a firm voice, Shlok looked into her eyes.  He went silent , probably allowing her to recap his words and make her realize everything is nt over as yet..

" u mean..."
"I mean?... will you come in her place" He came to the point.

Completely shaken by his words, the world around Astha came to a stand till. What did I ask him, what did he understand n wat is he saying now? When Arushi going with him is a disgrace, she going also gonna be a shameful act! Did he think going green on Arushi's fortune, I am trying to get it? Wateva, what a shame to be asked like this by a man?

" chee"...
" alright, your wish"

She now started Kinda pleading him,little humanity, little understanding, little mercy...
" my mercy comes only in limited editions, young lady. If love of your sis is bigger, then you come "
She got up, turned and started walking towards the door.
"what? Leaving?" his voice was heard from behind.
"my dignity is much bigger"
"ohh is it? Doesn't ur sister's?
"she has gotten ready to forego...I cannot destroy...until my last breath!"
"destroy?last breath? Hey hello...with you I just asked about going with me on work...I don't go tell me...wats ur say?"


End of part 5

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by pt311288 on 2013-12-15, 22:05

continue dear


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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by HamiSky on 2013-12-17, 10:05

pt311288 wrote:continue dear

:) will do it today :)

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by HamiSky on 2013-12-20, 19:41

Part 6

"what?"... Astha stopped and turned around to meet his eyes.  Unable to read anything from his eyes, she stood quietly looking at him. "I told you my work must be done, hai ki nahi!" said Shlok in an easy voice

"" stammered Astha.. Next instant, seeing a teasing glint in his eyes, "Arushi said its a Pleasure trip"...she said sharply with eyes becoming red in rage.
A Furthee widened smile was his sile response.
Astha got confused... No Arushi didnot tell it as a pleasure trip.  Did I misunderstand anything? But so much money? How could that be for a clerical job that too ony for a week?

She asked him directly...still seething in anger.
" per deem is Rs. 2000. But if it can be made into a pleasure trip, boss's co-operation n his money..both happen quite easily,"
"verrry generous" the mocking words came from Astha....ofc with little bitterness.
" but one thing..refusal is accepted n never disrespected."..he made it clear...with a pleasant smile.
She felt a little relieved and asked, " how many days is this trip?"
"a week"
" then I would get Rs.14,000"
"yes, excluding your travel, lodging and food expenses, you would get Rs. 14k. In hand" 
She did a little mental mathematics to total her savings and ths money n check if it would've enough for Arushi's course fee.,still a long way to go...but now she had another concern.

" I donno anything about your business works. How can I fit into this?"
" wat did you think? Your sister knew everything? This is a Directors' meet. Company secretary wil be taking care of the conference details and meetings. Wat would have Arushi done? And wats the fate of my business if she were to o this work" he laughed.
Arushi's role was different,.that she knew very well.
"but why me?" asked Pratigya.
" for documenting my personal ideas, real estate and property related documentation works, job typing etc. I can see you know these works, so thought of taking in your sister's place"
How should I believe him? But I don't go, then Arushi will for sure. So,  better I go n stay cautiously" Astha thought.

"When is the trip scheduled?"
" coming Wednesday. "
" coimbatore and its sorrounding places..includes ooty yoo. pen down your full name, age and other details here to book tickets n arranging other stuff". He gave a notepad and a pen.
She did and gave him the notebook back.
"you are just 22..I mean just a year elder to Arushi. "
She just returned him a smile.
" Wednesday evening 5 30, you should be at office"

At home...
She informed Arushi.
" I know you would do smth but guessed you can't do anything. last you hav chosen to shut down one good opportunity also"
" nah patient,,,another few months I will smhow get the money you want"

Applying for a week long leave in her office, Asthastarted getting ready for her trip with Shlok.


End of part 6

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-12-22, 23:36

Am loving this one buddy

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by HamiSky on 2013-12-23, 00:42

Pre cap:

"you are not getting it? Or are you avoiding? " Shlok gave a stern look.

"what is it, sir?" replied Astha completely puzzled.

"ohh..that means you did not really understand...! But how? Why? Ok...lemme put it across directly. Hmm..will you marry me?"

"SSS,...sir...I think did not hear you properly. I mean am sorry sir...I ..i" Astha struggled to put her words together.

" ears are fine and you heard it right. I want to marry you" Shlok said assertively.

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by HamiSky on 2014-01-07, 14:36

Part 7

The trip brought in a lot of changes in her prejudiced thoughts about Shlok. Right from food, to meetings, rooms, presentations etc etc everything was taken care of and all the intended work and related conferences went on smoothly and on schedule. Being the Managing Director, he had his secretaries at his disposal but despite that he organized everything, that too with a warm and majestic smile on his face.

In spite of all this, somehow Astha couldn't really bring herself to trust or regard Shlok completely. Whatever he may be to his business mates, it can't be forgotten that he had plans to use her sister for dirty reasons. Hence, she chose to remain in her shell and stayed away from him. He sensed it or not , no one knows. He was himself that's all.

One day, the main agenda was to see a vast land for a new production unit of their factory. It was under the foot of a hill and was densely populated with trees.
"clearing off these trees and constructing a factory gonna take ages and waiting for such a long time is of no use" was the opinion of the majority.

But during night time of that day, Astha was astonished to know the profit and details that gonna if those trees were sold to paper factory in the neighborhood, having a big manufacturing unit there and owning that vast area of land, as Shlok was documenting the above with her help.
" you could have said all this to the directors sir. They would have been more than pleased" she gave her opinion..
" they would have instantly refused this"
"why? I mean how can they even after knowing these?"
" among the five directors here, few are in opinion to buy an already running unit. Though may be a little costlier, the hassles of setting it up plus the immediate profits are a plus"
" hmm..that sounds sensible and right too"
Smiling at her, " few will want to start anything from scratch. Not that that it can be designed to suit their needs, with proper planning lot of cost cutting can be fone.also, although a bit delayed, the returns will be bigger"
" that also seems to be nice. But wer do u,.hmm..I belong to the second category. Then why don't u make it clear, who can tell anything against you?"
Looking at her intently and with a smile, " they would hav been thinking something else and when I force them to accept my decision, all fingers will be pointing at me even for a small and a silly issue. So, let's wait for them to Coe back for the right decision."
"how?" Astha was pondering over his knack of doing business. Though he appeared flexible, he was confident about getting things done in his way, with full cooperation of others.
" first confusing them about wats right n wrong, appear to refuse, then pointing out the drawbacks,get things done!" he smiled.
Ohh..did he use same trick to patofy my sister..Che! Astha got lost in her thoughts. Otherwise how could he easily made Arushi accept to this indecent and disrespectful deal. Am confused he planning to fish smth out of my confused mind. God! Save me!
"having an office here has a lot of advantages., plus the value of this land surely goons soar high" Shlok went on saying but Astha mind was wandering.

Realizing she hasn't noted down what he said last," pardon sir, I missed you" she said.
Keeping aside the laptop from her lap, he asked, " wats the matter?"
Can she ask him how he trapped her sister? So she just lowered her lashes and looked into the floor.
" look, Astha! Did u feel I disturbed you in anyway, looks, talks or behavior?"
She nodded her left to right, meaning no.
" but you are the one who invited my sister for this cheap thing"
" whattt? I invited?"
" why are you surprised? The original plan was she coming with you na!"
" ofc. But she coming with me and I taking her are two completely different things."

-------- part 2 of updt 7 will come soon.

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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

Post by Charanya on 2014-03-21, 14:15

Y no update?


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Re: Ashlok: The Dawn Of Love....Part 1 of 7 pg 2 - 7 Jan

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