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Qubool Hai Aankh Micholi Mahasangam Written Update 03Dec13

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Qubool Hai Aankh Micholi Mahasangam Written Update 03Dec13

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-12-03, 21:03

The episode begins with ....  Asad telling Zoya that he had business in NY and he was delaying due to his ammi but since ammi had left the house and since there was three months left for their nikah ...he was planning to go off to NY ... Zoya too go and live with her sister and jijaji  if she so wished ..
Asad tells Zoya to pack her bags as they were leaving next morning ..
Zoya plays the musical toy and gets nostalgic about not meeting her abbu 

Asad comes to her room asking for her passport .. Then he says sorry for not listening to her earlier .. And for his behavioir as he was upset about his ammi leaving .. He also says he was sorry he was taking her out of the country with out her finding any clues about her abbu but he was doing this as he could not live with out her ...

Zoya assures him she would be with him where ever he stayed .. She was sure she would meet her abbu if it was destined .. But she requests asad to i form dilshaad before leaving 

Asad calls up Dilz and informs her about their leaving for NY .. That she could come amd meet them there .. If she wanted to ..

At Ayaan's house Dilshaad is distraught on hearing Asad's plan of leaving India ..and Rashid takes the phone from her he tells Asad not to go as Ayaan had already left them .. Asad tells even he was leaving .. Rashid tells asad that he wanted his sons together in one house ... Asad says he would never come to meet him neither in this life .nor after he died ... That rashid was the reason behind his lost childhood .. His fatherless days  in his childhood 
Rashid is very hurt .. And almost sways with heart ache .Dilshaad and Shireen take care of him 

Back at Asad's house Zoya warns that if anything happened to rashid then asad would be responsible ..asad says rashid's bimaari was a ploy to keep dilshaad with him ..
Zoya then tries to tell him he was lucky to have one abbu she never had one .. Asad says he too lost his abbu in child hood ..
Zoya then says she was mistaken that asad had a heart .. He was stone hearted .. He was not the asad she loved ...

Asad asks zoya if she was accompanying him she says she could not leave his sick rashid and crying Dilshaad behind .. As it was very important to give importance to relationships .. She could not break off with her relatives so easily ...
Whether times were happy or sad it was family bonds  which made a person complete .. With out these rishtey a person was incomplete ... If he so desired he could go alone ..
Asad says allah hazif miss Farooki  with teary eyes .. Zoya is stunned she tries to influence asad to meet his ammi once .. To feel the love he had for his  ammi

At Ayaan's house Razia is being terrorised by an unknown masked figure who writes with blood "..tera ant nazdeek hai .."
Razia is scared to the bones .. Badi bi comes , pacifies her and tells her that this was the result of doing saazish all her life

In her room Humeira is tearing off Ayaan's pics n posters and crying that she hated him for breaking her heart ..
She rushes to the bathroom but is shocked to find Haider bathing with the door open .. And completely unclothed .. There are embarrassing moments ..
she is furious but he takes it humorously .. She orders  him to leave the room immediately ...

Sanjay comes to Shruti's mother looking for Shruti .. She does not know where she was .. Aunty does not know but wants to know what happened that she had to leave her house with in two days of marriage
Shruti's daughter Prabha accuses Sanjay of wrecking her life and forcing her mom Shruti to leave the house ..

Sanjay follows shruti but his car has a break down mid way .. He waits at a road side dhaaba ... for his car to be repaired .. He thinks of shruti ..
BG song .. " do pal ki dilon ki daastaan ..."
He dreams of her .. Sees her every where .. Then he realizes very late that all were not his dream she was actually there in the dhaaba ...

He rushes after his wife shruti .. He makes up his mind not to let her go out of his life .. He tries to take a lift from passing cars .. Asad is driving past thinking of his ammi ... He is stopped by Sanjay .. And Asad agrees to give him a lift ...

At ayaan's house Dilshaad is worrying if Asad had left the house .. But she is distracted by razia's screams as Razia has blood on her hands .. Dilshaad Shireen Badi bi run to her to discover Rashid lying on the floor in pool of blood ...
All are shocked ..

At asad 's house Zoya is sitting on the floor heart broken ... Depressed .. Missing Asad .. Wondering how she would keep her promise to her phoophi to look after Asad all her life ...she decides not to let Asad leave the country . She had to stop him .. She hails  a taxi .. But the moment she sits Shruti to sits from the other side . Shruti says she would drop Zoya to the airport ..
Shruti and Zoya discuss about life happiness, sadness, rishtey , no one could run away from getting hurt and none had the rights to leave their relatives n close ones just to avoid sadness..

Shruti and Zoya are stuck up in traffic jam due to road block .. So are Asad and Sanjay .. 
Shruti then suggests they visit the nearby mazhaar ...pray for fulfilling their wishes 
Asad too realises the the mela in the mazhaar was the reason for road block .. He remembers his ammi telling him that all wishes fulfilled at the mazhaar .. 
Foursome visit the mazhaar .. Zoya remembers that this was the mazhaar where she had come first time she had landed in India  .. She had found Asad in this mazhaar shruti too feels she would get the answers to her questions here 

Precap for tomorrow .. All foursome with covered heads are praying at mazhaar ...
Asad and zoya meet accidentally as they are tying the holy thread on the jaali .. Their fingers touch .. Zoya and asad meet in the mazhaar she tells him if it was destined for him to leave he would have left long time back .. She Pleads with teary eyes ...requests ..please don't leave me Mr khan I need you .. "Mat jayiyey Mr Khan mujhey aapki zaroorat hai" 

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Re: Qubool Hai Aankh Micholi Mahasangam Written Update 03Dec13

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-12-04, 14:21

"Agar aapko jana hota tho aap kabka jaachuke hote.Please mujhe chodkar mat jaayiye.Mei aapke bina jee nahi sakti! " - Zoya

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