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shocking twists in QH have a look....

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shocking twists in QH have a look....

Post by cutie pai :-) on 2013-12-09, 18:01

'Qubool Hai: Asad Unable To Forgive Rashid; Also A Car Accident In Store For Asya?

One india Qubool Hai's Asad and Zoya decide to come to Rashid's residence for Dilshad. Asad, though has managed to bring himself to enter the house, is still unsure about Rashid. Asad is seen finding it difficult to forgive and forget what Rashid has done to him and Dilshad.

Also, the latest rumours regarding the show are saying that Asad is going to meet with an accident soon. With Rashid realising his undying love for his wife Dilshad, he will manage to convince her to move into his house. Thus bringing in fresh issues for his family to deal with.

Ayaan leaves house with this decision of his and Asad too would have to separate from his mother. But Asad unable to stay away from his mother, will decides to come to her. Zoya too will help Asad in this decision.

Though Asad manages to come to Rashid's house for Dilshad's sake, Asad will find it most difficult to forget what his father has done in his past. Asad would try his best for his mother's sake to forgive his father Rashid, but then decides against it. Though Rashid has to wait a little while longer for Asad to come along, Asad and Dilshad are happy to be back with each other.

The other stories around these main characters like, Haider and Humaira's story and Farhan and Nikhat's story will run along side. Haider will continue to get closer to Humaira, until Ayaan comes back to the show at least.

Also, Farhan is said to start liking Nikhat soon and their romance too will blossom on the show soon enough.

Also, the latest rumours that are circulating about the show say that Asad is soon going to get into a major fight with Haseena, for insulting his mother Dilshad.

And, it is also said that Asad is going to meet with an accident when driving in anger recklessly and of course Zoya will be on his side tending him.

Well, let's wait and watch which of these rumours are true and which are not.


Guys share your on these shocking twists..

cutie pai :-)
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