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The real face of Tanveer –Billo Rani of Qubool Hai

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The real face of Tanveer –Billo Rani of Qubool Hai

Post by pollyanna on 2013-03-18, 20:17

The real face of Tanveer –Billo Rani of Qubool Hai

Billo Rani aka Tanveer and Raziya Begum in Qubool Hai
Qubool Hai has given you intriguing story so far and it only gets better. You have seen entry of Tanveer (Nisha Nagpal) has elicited a huge uproar as to her real intentions towards Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover). There have been predictions and doubts as to whether she is the real Billo Rani, the spy sent by Razia Begum Siddiqui (Alka Kaushal) to usurp the household of Khans.

Karan Singh Grover as Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai
Incidentally, there was a red herring Billo Rani in the household at the same time confusing the viewers about who the real spy was.

Today, you will see the big reveal of the real Billo Rani. Some will definitely say “I told you so.” And yes, we agree, you all who got it right have the making of a fine sleuth.

Watch tonight’s episode to see the reveal. How, why and what are something you will have to find out as the story unfolds. They say every thief has a motive and Tanveer aka Billo Rani must have one too.

Surbhi Jyoti as Zoya Farooqui in Qubool Hai
Watch Qubool Hai Monday to Friday on Zee TV at 9:30pm, as this story unveils revelation after revelation. We at Forum 32 will bring you news about each of them as they happen. Keep watching this space.

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Re: The real face of Tanveer –Billo Rani of Qubool Hai

Post by anurao66 on 2013-03-18, 20:24


I think the truth will come out today. Thanks for the information. So the real face of Tanveer will be revealed today.

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