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Yeh rista kya Kehlata hai written update 12th December 2013

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Yeh rista kya Kehlata hai written update 12th December 2013

Post by Edgar Suit on 2013-12-12, 23:29

The Episode starts with Naksh and Yash playing. Yash says my tuition sir will be coming now. He will come and scold me if he sees me playing. Naksh says even I could not play as you are studying. Yash says sorry. Naksh says you don’t have to. Yash’s Sir comes and Naksh says he came on time, he is like you said. Sir asks them to take out books. Akshara comes and says are you Sudhir, Yash’s sir, Nandini told me about you. She asks Naksh not to trouble the Sir. Varsha thinks about the last time when she failed to impress the clients by her presentation.

Kaka and Dadi talk about Varsha at home. Dadi says she has to overcome her fears today, if she does not do it, it will be more tough for her later. Maa is talking to Rashmi and tells her to recollect Akshara how was she when she was giving birth to Naksh. Rashmi says I don’t know. Akshara comes and checks her BP. Maa smiles. Rashmi asks Akshara to give her wedding CD, as she wants to see. Akshara says ths Bp is normal. Rashmi says I told you. Maa says we are relieved after seeing it.

Maa praises Akshara and she laughs. Varsha comes home happily and says its done. Everyone are happy. Varsha says my presentation went very well and the clients said yes. Shaurya thanks her. Rajshri says we are proud of you. Varsha thanks everyone and Ananya. The Sir is teaching Yash. Naksh teases the Sir and throws the water whish Girja brought for him and does not let him drink. Yash sees this and laughs. Nakhs throws his tea in the flower pot and the Sir is puzzled.

Girja brings some snacks and the Sir looks at it. Sir gets disturbed seeing the tea back in the cup. He runs from the house saying he is unwell. He tells Akshara that he is not well and would leave now. Akshara is puzzled and looks at Naksh and Yash. Naksh takes permission from Akshara to play. He tells Yash we will go and play. Akshara says first study then play. Everyone are happy at Akshara’s house that Ananya is cooking parathas are everyone. Ananya says I made this as a treat for all as my mum won in the office. Everyone smile.

Shaurya and Anshu laughs seeing the shapes of the parathas. But everyone praise the taste and Ananya. Ananya is happy and smiles. Naksh and Yash are studying in the room. Akshara comes to check them and asks Yash not to come in Naksh’s talk. She leaves. Ananya is with her friend. Shaurya scolds Varsha saying take care of the kids, see what they are doing. Ananya nad her friend does makeup. Rajshri says you are already beautiful, you don’t need makeup. Varsha praises them and says don’t spoil your face by makeup.

Akshara makes food that Yash likes. Naksh is annoyed. Naitik comes and they have a good time. Akshara says look at Naksh, he is jealous of Yash, I have to take care of Yash as Nandini is not here. Varsha asks Ananya to play. Ananya asks are you still angry. Varsha says yes. Shaurya and Anshu surprises Ananya with so many toys and clicks their photos. Ananya smiles.

Naitik and Akshara asks Naksh and Yash to sleep. Akshara tells Naksh that till Nandini comes back, we will love Yash a lot. Naksh is jealous. Yash says we would have slept with them, I get afraid at night. Naksh asks Yash to sleep. Naksh and Yash have an argument. Akshara tells Naitik that I will go and check the kids once. She comes to them and covers them with a blanket. Naksh sees Akshara hugging and taking care of Yash. He gets upset.

Naksh and Yash compete and call the police. The police comes to Akshara’s house and everyone are shocked.

Credit: Amina Hassan

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